Hindi Literary Association

Debate Competition

Hindi literary Association organized debate competition competition on 2nd August, 2019. The topic of the competition was Reservation boon or curse. This event was judged by Prof.Yogita Mahimkar and Prof.Rekha Mishra

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Hindi Poem Recitation

Hindi literary Association organized “Hindi Poem Recitation” Program on 3rd October 2018 in Learning Center. The event was judged by our guest Dr Shreebhagwan Pandey. The event was a great success.

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Book Review Competition

Hindi Literary Association organized a Book review competition on February 16th,2019. The topic of the competition was Review of any language book in Hindi

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On 3rd October 2018 under ‘HINDI SAHITYA PARISHAD’ of Ghanshyamdas Saraf College a competition was organized named: ‘HINDI POEM RECITATION’. The competition was organised in KIRANDEVI LEARNING CENTRE from 10:00 am in the morning till 12:00 noon.

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Hindi Literary Association, which is known as ‘Hindi Sahitya Parishad’ is one of the oldest Association working in college. Under this students are given opportunity to express their views in Hindi Language. As a first activity, Hindi Sahitya Parishad conducts, Hindi Elocution Competetion on topic generally related to current affairs. Also every year on on 14th September, Hindi Diwas is celebrated. On this occasion singing competition is organised. Thus the Parishad depicts culture of our beautiful city of Mumbai and our national language Hindi.