Library Details


The Resource Centre is centrally air-conditioned, it houses more than 52,000 books, 50 journals and periodicals and an N-List database of more than 31 Lakh E–books and 6000 E Journals. It has a Research Cell for scholars pursuing Ph D. It provides OPAC (Open Public Access Catalogue) facility for online searching and reservation of books. Automation is done with the help of KOHA software and a bar-code system. Compactors are used to store books. The Reading room area is brightly lit with comfortable seating or about 100 persons.

The library remains open from 7 am to 8 pm on all working days. The library has an institutional membership of British Council Library and the American Library. Library also provides material through Inter Library Loan facility with other institution’s libraries.

About Library

The history of the library dates back to the foundation of the college in 1983. The library had its developments along with the development of the college on the whole. It was first housed in 4 cupboards in Sarvodaya Balika Vidyalaya library which is another institution of parent organization “Rajasthani Sammelan.” The library was then looked after by school librarian Mrs. Sachdeva.

When extension building was ready it was on July 27th 1984, the library was shifted to the 3rd floor of the extension building of Sarvodaya Balika Vidyalaya with 271 books, 4 cupboards and sitting arrangement of 25 students. In the year 1985 it was housed in the ground floor room of the same building accommodating 50 students.

Rain water flooded the library damaging many books, registers, magazines, newspapers, & other material. Request was made and granted to shift the library to the first floor in 1991.

Library moved from room to room before finally being settled in the present room on the 5th floor of the new college building in May 1998.

Details about the Shrivallabh G. Saraf Knowledge Resources Centre

  • Year of establishment – 1983
  • Working Hours: Monday to Saturday – 7.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m.
  • Total area 1708.50 sq. ft. The reading room capacity for 100 students.
  • Centrally air conditioned library.
  • Suggestion Box: Students can drop their recommendations for books and any other suggestions in this box kept near book counter. The suggestion box opens on every Saturday at 2-00 p.m.

Library Committee


Library has a Library Advisory Committee (LAC). It consists of the Principal, Librarian and Heads of the Departments and others included in the committee by the Principal. Following responsibilities are undertaken by the committee:

  • To ensure relevant and ample collection of books, journals and other information sources to support courses offered in the college.
  • Formulation of rules and regulations for the use of the library.
  • To allocate appropriate budget to procure the above stated source materials to meet the curricula of courses.
  • To check the implementation of the library policy by the Librarian and the library staff members.
  • To finalize the proposals of the librarian for the development of the library.
  • To offer library extension services to the students and teachers.
  • In addition to the LAC, the library has an active Internal Library Staff Committee (ILSC)
  • Finalizing the Annual Report submitted by the librarian.


The Student Library Advisory Committee members are those who are regular library users. They take up the responsibility of monitoring the discipline and effective usage of the library. Also the students members of SLAC help library staff in some of library work like making catalog cards in Gujarthi Language. That developed sense of responsibility in them.

Library Collection

Collection: The Library has the following collection:

Courses Acc. No.
B. COM. 24926
B.M.S. 4842
B.M.M. 1544
M.Com. 2684
B.C.B.I. 4279
B.C.A.F. 4487
B.F.M. 1186
Book Bank 3993
Junior college 3382
B.Sc.I.T. 961
M.C.J. 55
Siddhivinayak book bank scheme 1559
Total 53898
Collection Numbers*
Books 53898
Periodicals 15
Journals 32
CD-ROMs 429
Newspapers 32
Database 1 (N-List)

Issuing Terms

  • Students can borrow 2 books for 7days on their identity card
  • Students can borrow one reference book/ periodical after 6.00 p.m. for overnight basis, which needs to be return back on next morning before 10.00 a.m.
  • Students can take 3 books/journals/ magazines/ files for reference purpose
  • Faculty of aided section and unaided can borrow 15 books for a period of one whole semester and 2 journals for a period of one month. These can be reissued if there is no demand for the same.
  • Non-teaching staff can borrow 4 books and one periodical for a period of one month.

Library Rules

General Rules:

  • Students should wear Identity Card while entering the Library.
  • Students must comply with the library rules failing which they may be excluded from the library membership or incur a fine.
  • The use of mobile phones in the library is prohibited. Phones should be either switched off or set to silent mode failing which strict disciplinary action will be taken, and mobile will be confiscated.
  • Students who will misbehave or act prejudicial to the interest of library will be instantly expelled from the library hall, and their identity cards will be retained for further action.
  • Smoking, consumption of food and drink (with the exception of bottled water) and use of any electronic audio/video materials is strictly prohibited in the library.
  • Readers are requested to use the library materials and furniture very carefully.
  • Users should maintain perfect silence in the reading hall in their own interest.
  • The holder of the membership card is responsible for the books borrowed on it.


  • Books will be issued to the holder of the card.
  • Borrowers should check the book while getting it issued.

Reference section:

  • Reference books like encyclopedias, dictionaries, reference books (R), periodicals are issued to the students for in house use only. These are not allowed to take outside without library’s permission.
  • Students are not allowed to take CDs outside the library. They can access the same only in Research Cell in the library.
  • Students need to fill demand slips for borrowing fiction book and some of the reference books. The fiction books will get issued on next day and reference books will be issued as per circumstances.
  • While returning the book if book found in damaged condition, full replacement cost will be charged.
  • Loss of books must be reported immediately to prevent accumulation of fine. The lost books must be replaced, if the books are out of print, students will have to pay double the amount of price of books.
  • Writing or marking or any kind of damage in any type of library materials is strictly prohibited and punishable.
  • Read terms and conditions printed on the rear side of the identity card for your reference.

Overdue Charges:

The fine is levied per day for the following materials: (only for students)

  • Home issue book: Rs.2/- after due date
  • Reference book: Rs. 5/- from next day

Library Services

  • Circulation Service
  • Current Awareness Service
  • Photocopying
    • The Library offers photocopying service to all its members, walk-in users and others.
    • Only single copy of journal articles and book chapters are provided for study and research purpose.
  • Photo Copy Charges are as follows
    • Staff and students: Rs. 1.50 per page A4 size
  • Reference Service
  • Library Orientation
  • Regular display of new arrivals in the library: Newspaper cuttings on Career guidance, current topics.
  • Book Bank Scheme
  • Free Internet access to students and staff
  • Access to electronic resources (N-List, Ebsco & DELNET)
  • Library Membership
    • Library membership is free to all students, faculty and staff of the sarafian.
    • The membership is also offered to annual membership to Ex – students of the College Reading membership.


  • All college covered under section 12B of UGC Act and Non Aided Colleges (except Agriculture, Engineering, Management, Medical, Pharmacy, dentistry and Nursing ) can access to electronic resources subscribed by the UGC-INFONET Digital Library consortium as well as few selected e-resources that were found most appropriate for colleges including e-journals and e-books.
  • These resources include more than 6000+ e-journals and 97,000 + e-books.
  • All Non-Aided (except Agriculture, Engineering, Medical, Pharmacy, dentistry and Nursing )/ Colleges are requested to register themselves online.

Useful E-resources

Database/ Consortium URL Type
UGC-NLIST Subscribed
Ebsco Sharing with DSIMS
DELNET Sharing with DSMS
Yojana Magazine Free-Back Issues
Competitive exams Partially free
Employment News E paper free with Print Subscription

Encyclopedia, Thesaurus and Dictionaries

Sr. No E-Resources Website Link
1 English Dictionary
2 Hindi Dictionary
3 Merriam-Webster Collegiate Dictionary
4 Cambridge International Dictionary of Idioms
5 Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary
6 Roget’s Int. Thesaurus of English Words and Phrases
7 Roget’s Thesaurus

Library & Information Science

Sr. No E-Resources Website Link
1 Information Today and Tomorrow
2 Bulletin of the American Society for Information Sciences and Technology
3 LIBRES – Library and Information Science Research
4 William Shakespeare’s Complete works
5 D-Lib Magzine – a Monthly Magzine
6 Information Today
7 Librarian’s Digital Library

Electronic Theses, Dissertations, Synopsis

Sr. No E-Resources Website Link
1 Shodhganga
2 Shodhgangotri
3 Union Catalogue of Thesis
4 Vidyanidhi
6 Lecture Fox etd@Saurashtra Univ

E Sources of Geographical Information

Sr. No E-Resources Website Link
1 World Atlas
2 World Flag Database
3 Thesaurus of Geographic Names
4 Population Reference Bureau
5 City Population
6 Imperial Gazetteer of India
7 Maps of India

Free Online Courses Portals

Sr. No E-Resources Website Link
1 Swayam
2 Harvard Free Courses
3 Yale Free Courses
4 Carnegie Mellon Free Courses
5 Coursera
6 UCLA Free Courses
7 ITunesU Free Courses
8 Alison
9 OpenLearn
10 edX
11 Stanford Free Courses
12 UC Berkeley Free Courses
13 open2study
14 Udemy Free Courses
15 MOOC-List courses
16 MIT Free Courses

Digital Libraries

Government Sources

Sr. No E-Resources Website Link
1 Government of India
2 Planning Commission- Five years plans
3 Import/export Policy
4 Census of India
5 RBI Bulletin
6 Foreign Trade
7 Maharashtra Government
8 Union Budget and Economic Survey
9 Ministry of Commerce
10 Directorate of Economics and Statistics, Maharashtra
11 Maharashtra Knowledge Corporation
12 Yojana Archives
13 India Statistical Reports

Library Staff

Sr. No Name of the staff Designation
1 Dr. Neha Joshi Librarian
2 Mrs. Rupali Parab Library Assistant
3 Ms. Sandhya Chalke Clerk
4 Mr. J. K. Saini Library Attendant
5 Mr. Salikram Dubey Library Attendant
6 Mr. Ramchandra Kothawale Library Attendant
7 Mr. Sanjay Jadhav Peon
8 Mr. Vishwas Shinde Peon
9 Mrs. Thamarai Selvi Peon
10 Mr. Jayesh Samgiskar Peon