About Research Cell

The establishment of a Research Cell in our college in 2016 is a significant step toward promoting and facilitating research activities within the academic community. The Research Cell plays a crucial role in fostering a culture of research and academic excellence. The Research Cell is responsible for overseeing and coordinating research programs for both faculty and students. This ensures that research activities are organized, well-structured, and aligned with the college’s academic goals. For scientific approach, rational approach in academic activities is essential. It implies that the research conducted should be well-planned, evidence-based, and aligned with scholarly standards. This fosters a culture of rigorous research and intellectual integrity.

The Research Cell also deals with research on emerging trends and multidisciplinary research areas is a forward-thinking approach by conducting conferences & Seminars. This objective helps the college stay at the forefront of academic developments and encourages researchers to explore new and innovative research topics.

The Research Cell has also inculcated a sense of research and awareness among students and faculty members about the importance of research-oriented activities. By doing so, the Research Cell is encouraging a broader participation in research, ultimately contributing to a more vibrant research culture within the institution.

In summary, the Research Cell’s objectives are designed to promote research, not just as an academic requirement but as a culture and a way of thinking. By supporting and guiding both faculty and students in their research endeavours, providing the necessary resources, and focusing on emerging trends and multidisciplinary research, the cell is playing a pivotal role in the intellectual development of the college community. This, in turn, can lead to advancements in knowledge and innovations that benefit the institution and society as a whole.