On September 10, 2018 under ‘HINDI SAHITYA PARISHAD’ a competition was held ‘HINDI BOLLYWOOD GHAZALS’. The competition was organised in Durgadevi Saraf Auditorium from 11:00 am in the morning till 3:00 pm. This event marked the celebration of Hindi divas in the college premises.

There were 20 contestants who have participated and presented their soulful songs in their melodious voices. The event was executed in the presence of chief guest Mr. SANJAY MISHRA and guest of honour Ms. MEGHNA MISHRA and other dignitaries from RSET family. All the arrangements were made by HINDI COMMITTEE in association with DURGADEVI SARAF JUNIOR COLLEGE.

The event was judged by Mrs. Sumita Keshwa and Mrs. Ratika Chaudhry.