The Art of Self Control

On 30th August,2019 , Rotaract Club of college organised event The Art of Self Control. The Motive of “The Art of Self Control” Event was to teach Self-defence techniques and how to maintain self-control. Sakshi chandak, Rohit Mishra and Ganesh Yadav was the instructor of this event,They are Saraf alumni students. Event attended by 92 students (Rotaractors/ Non Rotaractors/ NCC.). The event started with trainer’s introduction and then the interaction between Participants & Trainers. They talked about self-defense’s techniques followed by a demonstration. They explained various situations where one will need to defend themselves by using various easy techniques. The emphasis was more on how one should avoid the situation rather than getting involved. After a few questions answers, they demonstrate a fun exercise to clam our soul.