Graduation Day Ceremony

The Annual Graduation Day ceremony to award degrees to the Graduate and Post-Graduate students of Academic Year 2016-17 was truly a momentous occasion on an unprecedented scale for Ghanshyamdas Saraf College. The Graduation Day ceremony was held on Saturday, 24th March 2017 from 11 am onwards at Durgadevi Saraf Auditorium.

The Chief Guest for the Graduation Day was Dr. S. T. Gadade, Dean, Faculty of Commerce & Principal of C. K. Thakur College, New Panvel. The Graduation Day ceremony was presided over by Shri. Ashokji Saraf, President Rajasthani Sammelan Educational Trust. Also in attendance were the honorable dignitaries Shri. Kailashji Parasrampuria, Secretary RSET; Shri. Kailashji Kejriwal, Secretary LRMC; Shri. Madhu Maheshwari, Donor RSET.

The Graduation Day began with a majestic and grand academic procession from the entrance of DSIMS till the Durgadevi Saraf Auditorium. This was followed by the invocation song sung by a student, lighting of the auspicious lamp by the dignitaries with the University song being played in the background. Shri. Ashokji Saraf, President-Rajasthani Sammelan Educational Trust then declared the ‘Graduation Day ceremony open’ on a request made by the Principal, Prof. Bhavana Vaidya.

The formal function began with the Presidential address by Shri. Ashokji Saraf. This was followed by the Introduction of the Chief Guest by Vice-Principal Dr. Jayant Apte & Presentation of bouquet & a memento to our esteemed Chief Guest Dr. S.T.Gadade by our President Shri. Ashokji Saraf.

The Annual Academic college report was read by the Principal – Prof. Bhavana Vaidya. This was followed by the presentation of Degree certificates to the students by the honorable Chief Guest Dr. S. T. Gadade. The students, all smartly dressed in Graduation capes & caps accepted their degrees with pride in their hearts and a smile on their lips. It was indeed a very proud moment for one & all present.

An exemplary speech was given by Dr. S. T. Gadade which was an inspiration for all the graduates & post-graduates. Dr. S. T. Gadade through his speech encouraged and wished the students to reach higher goals.

The Graduation day ended with the In charge of Examinations for B.Com section, Prof. Gopal Sonar proposing the vote of thanks. Shri. Ashokji Saraf then declared the ‘closure of the Graduation day’ ceremony. Upon formal declaration of the closure of the ceremony, the National Anthem was sung followed by the retreat of the academic procession.