Exhibition on Innovation and Sustainability by SY BMS

SY BMS students conducted a Departmental Event on the theme of “Innovation & Sustainability” under the guidance of Prof. Ekta Sinha on July 15, 2017. A total of 110 students under 17 groups participated in the event and exhibited their ideas of innovation and sustainability, in the form of various business models. Various models included: PeeClean, Kinetic to electrical energy, cloths from plastic fibres, slippers made out of waste, electricity production from salt water, Stem-cells business model, a book store with a difference, etc.

The enthusiasm and involvement of the students made this event a huge success. It managed to impress and ignite a thought process about innovation and sustainability in every person who visited the exhibition.

The event was judged by Prof. Mamta Chhajer and Prof. Sonali Khade with their complete time, energy and efforts. Business Ideas that managed to secure?top?three positions were:

  • Pee Clean: 1st?Position
  • Kinetic to Electrical Energy: 2nd Position
  • Online Book Store with a difference: 3rd Position
  • Electrical energy through rainwater harvesting: 3rd Position