Entrepreneurial Fair 2019

Self Finance Department of Ghanshyamdas Saraf College organized Entrepreneur Fair on August 21st , 2019 at Bajaj Hall from 8:30 am to 1:00 pm. The fair was inaugurated by Dr. Jayant Apte, Principal, Prof.Gopal Sonar, Vice Principal, and Dr. Lipi Mukherjee, Chief coordinator.

Students of SY & TY BMS and SY & TY BCBI enthusiastically displayed their entrepreneurial skills in 35 stalls which were a feast for the visitors. The stall owners not only satisfied the taste buds with wide variety of food items like, Falooda, Sandwich, Pizza Puri, and Twister Vada Pao, Chocolate paan, Pani Puri, Corn Chaat, Ice creams and Shakes, Cakes, Homemade Chocolates, Matka Basundi, Fruit Salad, Mocktails etc. but also offered artistic products like hand made jewellery, keychains, etc. for sale. In addition to this many unique game stalls were there like Pubg, 7up 7down, Coin Games etc. which was center of attraction for the students.

There were various game stations for fun and entertainment and grooming stalls offering Mehendi designing for increasing the style quotient of visitors. The fair was a huge success with students showcasing all aspects of being an entrepreneur starting from idea generation to its successful implementation.

Prof. Nillima Majumdar and Prof. Rekha Mishra, were appointed as Judges for the event. They had personally shown positive interest in the fair and motivated students with their valuable words of appreciation. To recognize and value the efforts put in by students, the best stalls were awarded with prizes and certificates.

The following are the prize winners of Entrepreneurial Fair 2019


Food Category

Non – Food Category


Stall No. 9 (BBI)

Komal Kumawat (Leader)

1)      Arfiya Shaikh

2)      Sonali Vishwakarma

3)      Pooja Kushwaha

4)      Priyanka Gupta

5)      Aarti Maurya

6)      Aarti Kushwaha

Stall No. 15 (BMS)

1)      Anjali Gupta(Leader)

2)      Prem Rawat

3)      Jafrin Khan

4)      Satyam Tiwari

5)      Priya Nair

6)      Shweta Parte


Stall No. 7 (BBI)

Pritam Pramanik  (Leader)

1)      Samim Fakir

2)      Dishant Devaliya

3)      Suraj Gaud

4)      Bhavin Pagaria

5)      Tarun Chaudhary

6)      Shilpa Tawania

 Stall No. 17 (BMS)

1)      Rashi Sharma(Leader)

2)      Avni Nemani

3)      Suruchi kanchan

4)      Vidhi Parmar

5)      Swati Shukla

6)      Ayushi Jangid


Stall No. 02 (BMS) 1)      1)Aishwarya Mankame(Leader)

2)      Preeti Bhore

3)      Shilpa Sharma

4)      Preksha Rathod

5)      Kashish Singh

6)      Shreya Agarwal

7)      Manjusha Shetty

Stall No.4 (BMS)

1)      Sunaina Bhusankar(Leader)

2)      Nischal Kadel

3)      Sita Mishra

4)      Ayush Parmar

5)      Srishti Ray

6)      Sanika Rajpurkar

7)      Harsh Mehta