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Hobby Club

The 6 hobby clubs are aimed at nurturing interest for an activity and to make them responsible global citizens. The culminating event displayed what the children had been working for during the…Read More

Adwitiya Bharat

Celebrating a unique India – Adwitiya Bharat – a land of mysteries, cuisines, cultures, nature and modernity. A land that values its freedom and the sacrifices of many. A land that has a unique blend of old and new. A land where…Read More

Sports Day

Unleash Your Potential’ was the theme of the RBHS Secondary sports day on 15 December 2022 at Prabhodhan Kridabhavan, Goregaon. The Chief Guest for the event was Mrs Sybil Miranda, the Ex Captain…Read More

Sand Play

Children have a natural affinity for sand play. We built on that by pr…Read More

Investiture Ceremony

The capacity to translate vision into reality is true leadership. T…Read More

Dr Avinash Desouza's session on Positive Parenting

There is no such thing as being a perfect parent – just be a real one.

Dr Avinash Desouza’s session on Positive Parenting highlighted the facts about being a ‘real’ parent. He very simply and beautifully touched on those tender areas of every parent’s soul that nags them about not doing their ‘job’ well. Through his anecdotal studies he mentioned how and why children behaved how they behave and what we as parents can do to tackle children in a calmer manner,; being stern and firm when required. He spoke about why it is important to keep children mindfully engaged and at times why we should allow them to be ‘bored’ so that they indulge in something constructive eventually. It is important to distribute home chores amongst everyone in the family so that children appreciate the work done for them. Every query had an anecdote or experience to help us understand that it is possible to bring about a change and parenting is a journey in progress.
#positiveparenting #dravinashdesouza…Read More

Cover of Compassion

We cannot accomplish all that we need to do without working together. The Economics and Commerce students learnt that a team can achieve and reach its destination if they work together. The students put up a canteen to generate funds for IDF. They put up various stalls serving continental and street food, healthy and temptingly sweet delights alongwith refreshing drinks. All the items were home made and had the aroma of sweet success.
The students are proud to have made a huge collection which will be donated to IDF for their project ‘Cover of Compassion’…Read More

You don't need money to help others - you need a heart

You don’t need money to help others – you need a heart. The Economics and Commerce students realised just this during our collection drive in the Joy of Giving month. Our parents poured their hearts out while the students conducted the drive to collect essential groceries, toiletries, stationery items and more. The goods collected were more than we had expected and these were sufficiently divided between the institutes – Punarvas Education Society, Desire Society and IDF.
We are grateful to our parents who were limitless in their generosity and the collections were made in just two days….Read More