House Systems

For healthy learning environment in the school all the students interact vertically in four houses. We believe that all our students are akin to gems and hence the houses that the children have been allotted are names of precious stones.

House Name and its Meaning House colour House Motto
Ruby Ruby – is considered the symbol of love, friendship, vitality and royalty. Red Attitude of Friendliness is a Winning Attitude.
Emerald Emerald – is the sacred stone of Goddess Venus and denotes great harmony, wisdom and love. Green Harmony is when Head and Heart Collaborate.
Sapphire Sapphire – is a symbol of heaven and joyful devotion to God and clears the mind of negative thoughts. Blue Faith in Self is the first step to Self-Development.
Topaz Topaz – promotes individuality, self-confidence, creativity and forgiveness. Yellow Forgiveness is an attitude to be creative and become confident.