Hobby Clubs

The Culinary club conducted a Chemistry session!  Difficult to believe? The IncrEdibles Club prepared the humble ‘nimbu pani’ using lemon juice, butterfly pea tea and voila we had magic.
Butterfly pea flowers contain a super bright blue pigment called anthocyanin. Lemonade is a drink high with acid. When the tea combines with the lemony drink, it will transition its color from blue, basic pH, into a purple-then-pink highly acidic pH.
#chemistryinthekitchen #sciencehacks

Hobby Clubs are an integral part of an ICSE School. There are four Hobby Clubs that the School offers. Every student of the Secondary Section is required to join at least one Hobby Club.

  • Maths and Science Club
  • Literary Club

These Clubs meet once every fortnight on Fridays. The Clubs provide an environment for exercising Creativity in Literary skills, Scientific Skills, Social skills and Emotional skills.