Principal’s Message

These past two years, the pandemic has pushed us into a whirlwind of change, it has tossed us, ripped us apart, flooded us with its waves of concern and despair and thrown us down to the ground. It has been these two years that have been life’s toughest teacher. It has forced change down our throat whether we were ready or unwilling.

When we look back and then again at the present, we can’t help but notice the graph of change that has suddenly shot up. Gender roles have changed, independence and responsibility have reached a new high, compassion and care have been the focus of our dealings with others, learning and empowering have been our daily mantra while empathy is the reigning virtue.

We have seen our children adapt to change better than our expectations. They have risen above the temptations of procrastination and used their time wisely to serve and learn. They have held back their angst and anxieties of separation from their friends and revelled in the joy of their company online. They have struggled with learning in isolation despite being in the company of a packed zoom call.

They are yet changing – changing while adapting to the new normal – changing to the bustle of city life while guarding their health – changing to regain their place in society.

They are our ‘change warriors’. They seem to be saying – If we don’t change, we don’t grow. If we don’t grow, we aren’t really living.

And we celebrate change because … change is the only constant.

Florina Fernandes