Adwitiya Bharat

Celebrating a unique India – Adwitiya Bharat – a land of mysteries, cuisines, cultures, nature and modernity. A land that values its freedom and the sacrifices of many. A land that has a unique blend of old and new. A land where we have progressed yet not lost sight of our roots..

The evening celebrated Adwitiya Bharat through the varied display of dance, music, ballet and drama of its culture. The programme was rich in its diversity with dances, traditional fashion displays, yoga ballet, jatras, nukkad nataks, and dances and of course the television soaps. Through the programme 75 facts were revealed to the audience.

The chief guests for the evening Dr Sharadji Saraf, the Chairman and Managing Director of Technocraft Industries India Ltd alongwith Shri Rajkamalji Bajaj, Trustee, and Shri Atmaramji Mishra, Divisional Fire Officer of Mumbai Fire Brigade and the RSET trustees inaugurated the Physics lab as Mainadevi Bajaj Physics lab

The folk dances focused on bringing to the audience music and movement that often is not known or lost in this fast paced life – Kumaoni dances, Lambadi, Chaau of Jharkhand, Sama Chakeva festival dance of Bihar, Ghoomar, Karma Nach, Paika, Rauf. The well-known dances of Kathak, Kathakali, Garba, Koli, Bharatnayam and Bhangra were presented with a different flavor of neon lit up faces or stories of the land with the dances or a jugalbandhi of Saang and Kathak.

The Nukkad Natak was a satire on the dilemma and angst of students and parents battling the academic pressures. The well-known jatra (Santanchi Vari) seen in Maharashtra was displayed with children belting out abhangas and Marathi bhajans while displaying the acrobatic feats of the women.

The yoga ballet was gripping and chronicled the origin of yoga from Lord Shiva-the Yogesa- and how it is practised today by us mortals. The students displayed various yogic poses through dance form and also their prowess at various asanas.

The one that tickled everyone’s funny bone was a spoof on two tele shows aptly called Sarabhai ke Ulte Chasme ki Kitchdi. It was a satire on how the mother tongue is often given the step motherly treatment in the aim of mastering English. The play was commendable as it was entirely produced, directed and executed by the students. The students outdid themselves as they projected the characters to the T on stage.

The finale was what was awaited by parents as it was the last time we would see our grade 10 performing on stage. What was also commendable was the responsibility of the backstage students with the IT display, music, props and sets.

It is events like these that not only brings out the best in us, but also teaches us values of team spirit, camaraderie, understanding, sacrifice and appreciation.