Women Development Cell (WDC)

The Women Development Cell (WDC) of the Ladhidevi Ramdhar Maheshwari Night College (LRMC) has organized Drawing and Painting Competitions.

The Women Development Cell (WDC) of the Ladhidevi Ramdhar Maheshwari Night College (LRMC) has organized two events in the academic year 2018-19. The WDC is headed by Prof. Neha Kothari with Prof. Ruchi. Pandey and Prof. Shweta Chawda as the members of the cell. WDC has organised ‘Poster Making Competition’ on the following themes:

  • Save the girl child
  • Woman a multi-tasking person
  • Education in relation to girl child

The competition was held on 24th September, 2018 for almost 1 hour. There was the participation of 8 students from FYBCOM and SYBCOM in the competition. It unleashed the hidden talent and creativity of the students. They appreciated the theme as it was carrying the Social Message in it. We have declared 1 Winner and 2 Runners Up for the same.

Another event organized by WDC of the College was ‘Guest Lecture cum Martial Arts Training Session’ by Commando Trainer, Master C. K. Singh.

The event was conducted on 15th October, 2018 for almost 3 hours. The session was attended by 180 to 200 girls and the In-charge of WDC and members of WDC. The session was not just like an ordinary Guest Lecture it also included practical training session for the girls. The trainer demonstrated the practical ways in which the girls can protect themselves in case of physical harm, if any inflicted, to their body. The training and session was based on the techniques of safety for the girls which were very simple and can be easily implemented by the girl herself. The session was nice eye opener for the girls which uplifted, motivated and empowered them to be independent and self-reliant. The Women Development Cell is looking forward to organize many more such events for the development and empowerment of women.

Committee Members

Prof. Neha Kothari

Prof. Ruchi Pandey

Prof. Shweta Chawda