Learners Council


The Learner’s Council of LRMC focuses on empowering students and fostering their active participation in college governance and overall development.It aims to provide a platform for student representation, engagement, and contribution to the decision-making processes within the college.

2.Objectives: To ensure inclusive representation of students from diverse backgrounds and disciplines. To establish effective communication between students and college authorities. To address student welfare concerns and support various student initiatives. To encourage active participation of students in college governance and decision-making processes. To promote a culture of learning, creativity, and community engagement among students..

3.The Context: LRMC recognizes the importance of involving students in the decision-making processes and creating a conducive environment for their holistic development. The Learner’s Council was established to bridge the gap between students and the college administration, ensuring that students’ voices are heard and considered in shaping college policies, programs, and initiatives.

The Practice: The Learner’s Council follows a structured and democratic approach for student engagement. It includes:

  • Inclusive Leadership: The council conducts a transparent process for elections, ensuring equal opportunities for students to elect their representatives.
  • Communication Channels: It establishes effective communication channels, like regular meetings, feedback mechanisms, and open forums, to facilitate the exchange of ideas, concerns, and feedback.
  • Student Welfare Initiatives: The council initiates and supports various student welfare programs, addressing academic, extracurricular, and well-being needs of students.
  • Active Participation: Student representatives are involved in college governance and decision making bodies, allowing them to contribute their perspectives and insights on matters that affect their educational experience.
  • Academic and Non-Academic Initiatives: The council organizes and promotes a range of academic and non-academic initiatives, including events, workshops, seminars, and community engagement activities, to foster a culture of learning, creativity, and social responsibility among students

4.Evidence of Success: Increased student engagement and participation in college activities and decision-making processes. Improved communication and collaboration between students and college authorities. Positive feedback from students regarding the representation and support provided by the council. Successful implementation of student-led initiatives leading to holistic development.

5.Problem Encountered and Resources Required: The Learner’s Council faced challenges in ensuring active student participation, addressing diverse student needs, and managing effective communication channels initially and the soft skills of the students were not up to the mark. The council may require adequate resources such as administrative support, dedicated meeting spaces, technological infrastructure for communication, and faculty/staff guidance to overcome challenges and sustain the best practice effectively. Implementing this best practice of the Learner’s Council demonstrates LRMC’s commitment to student empowerment, representation, and overall development. By providing students with a platform for active engagement and participation, the college fosters a vibrant learning community and contributes to the growth and success of its students.

Ms. Anjani Gupta was selected as General Secretary and Mr. Rahul Paliwal was selected as Cultural Secretary in Student%u2019s Council Committee and they along with other council members help in performing college activities.

Student%u2019s council team celebrated the “Teacher%u2019s Day and Fresher%u2019s Party” on 5th September, 2018 and Chief Guest is Prof. Bhavana Vaidya, I/C Principal, Ghanshyamdas Saraf College

Student%u2019s council celebrated “Traditional Day and Chocolate Day” on 19th December, 2018 and “Rose Day, Sari Day and Tie Day” on 20th December, 2018.

Student%u2019s council celebrated our college fest that is %u2018PANKH- A DESIRE TO FLY” on 6th and 7th February, 2019, where more than 28 college participated.

Student%u2019s council celebrated “Farewell” to T.Y.B.Com students on 19th March, 2019.

Ms. Anjani Gupta (General Secretary of Student Council) has won 3rd prize in Bag & Borrow event in inter-collegiate event “Mauj 2018-2019” hosted by Durgadevi Saraf junior college of Commerce, Arts and Science and GhanshyamdasSaraf College of Commerce held on 12th January, 2019.

Committee Members

1) Dr. Nishit K. Dave

2) Prof. Siddharth Apte