Upcoming Events

Date Day Event Section
26th August Friday House-wise Patriotic Song Competition Secondary
29th August Monday Ganpati Celebration Pre-primary & Primary
6th September Tuesday Visit to Ganpati Pandal Pre-primary
12th September Monday Class-wise Best Out of Waste Competition Secondary
14th September Wednesday Hindi Diwas Competition Primary & Secondary
16th September Friday Fancy Dress Competition Pre-primary
19th September Monday Messy Mashup Competition Primary
23rd September Friday My Many Colour Day Pre-primary
27th September Tuesday Swachh Bharat (Prabhat Pheri) Primary
28th September Wednesday Cooking Experience Pre-primary
29th September Thursday House-wise State-wise Competition Secondary
30th September Friday Visit to Navratri Pandal Pre-primary
19th October Wednesday Iconic Ink Competition Primary
10th November Thursday House-wise Dodge Ball Competition Secondary
16th November Wednesday All about Me Competition Pre-primary
21st November Monday Handwriting Competition Primary
2nd December Friday Nach Baliye Competition Pre-primary
3rd December Saturday Class-wise Essay Writing Competition Secondary
6th December Tuesday Logo Art Competition Primary
9th December Friday Cooking Experience Pre-primary
16th December Friday House-wise Debate Competition Secondary
17th December Saturday Master Chef Competition Primary
21st December Wednesday Class-wise Christmas Competition Secondary
6th January Friday Creative Mom & Child Competition Pre-primary
11th January Wednesday House-wise Quiz Competition Secondary
13th January Friday Makar Sankranti Celebration Pre-primary
13th January Friday Traditional Tie-up Primary
3rd February Friday Fashion Fiesta Pre-primary
10th February Friday Fashion Fiesta Pre-primary
27th February Monday Marathi Divas Celebration Primary & Secondary
28th February Tuesday Science Day Celebration Secondary
7th March Tuesday Holi Celebration Pre-primary
12th April Wednesday Graduation Day Pre-primary