Date Day Event Section
12th June Monday Orientation Meeting All
15th June Thursday School re-opens after Summer Vacation All
First day at School (Welcome Activity) Pre-primary & Primary
17th June Saturday World Environment Day- (Nurture the Nature Competition) Primary
Welcome day activity of Palm Impression Secondary
20th June Tuesday House-wise Dodge Ball Competition Secondary
21st June Wednesday International Yoga Day All
1st July Saturday Little Poets Competition Primary
Class-wise Board Display Competition Secondary
7th July Friday Campus Visit Pre-primary
14th July Friday Colouring Competition Pre-primary
15th July Saturday Handwriting Competition Primary
19th July Wednesday Gardening & Monsoon Day Pre-primary
24th July Monday Class-wise Mask Making Competition Secondary
26th July Wednesday Puppet Show Pre-primary
28th July Friday Investiture Ceremony Primary & Secondary
1st August Tuesday 1st Unit Test Examination Primary & Secondary
11th August Friday Colour the Tri-colour Competition Pre-primary
Class-wise Book Mark making Competition Secondary
14th August Monday Independence Day Celebration Pre-primary
18th August Friday Cooking Experience Pre-primary
22nd August Tuesday House-wise State Display Competition Secondary
25th August Friday Fancy Dress Competition Pre-primary
Rakhi Designing Competition Primary
29th August Tuesday Rakshabandhan Celebration Pre-primary & Primary
31st August Thursday 1st Unit Test- Open House Pre-primary & Primary
2nd September Saturday Own your Ornaments Competition Primary
5th September Tuesday Teacher’s Day Celebration All
6th September Wednesday Janmashtami Celebration Pre-primary & Primary
8th September Friday House-wise Quiz Competition Secondary
14th September Thursday Hindi Diwas Celebration Primary & Secondary
16th September Saturday My Ganesha Competition Primary
18th September Monday Ganesh Chaturthi Celebration Pre-primary & Primary
26th September Tuesday Visit to Ganpati Pandal Pre-primary
29th September Friday Pot Decoration Competition Pre-primary
30th September Saturday Gandhiji- Our Bappu (Activity) Primary
4th October Wednesday Sunshine Day Pre- primary
6th October Friday My Favorite Toy Competition Pre- primary
Class-wise Glass/Pot Painting Competition Secondary
7th October Saturday Elocution Competition Primary
11th October Wednesday House-wise Shlok & Mantra Recitation Secondary
16th October Monday Vachhan Diwas (Reading Day) Primary & Secondary
17th October Tuesday Visit to Navratri Pandal Pre- primary
18th October Wednesday Navratri Celebration All
23th October Monday 1st Term Examination All
3rd November Friday Diwali Celebration Pre- primary
4th November Saturday Primary & Secondary
22nd November Wednesday Children’s Day Celebration All
23rd November Thursday Model Making Competition Primary
History & Geography Model Making Competition Secondary
24th November Friday 1st Term- Open House All
29th November Wednesday Grandparents Day Celebration Pre- primary
1st December Friday Frosting Day Pre-primary
Doodling Competition Primary
6th December Wednesday House-wise Debate Competition Secondary
8th December Friday Our Helpers Day Pre-primary
11th December Monday 1st Preliminary Examination- (Std X) Secondary
13th December Wednesday Rock & Roll Competition Pre-primary
16th December Saturday Puppet Moppet Competition Primary
22th December Friday Christmas Celebration All
5th January Friday Cooking Experience Pre-primary
12th January Friday Makar Sankranti Celebration Pre-primary
Fly High Competition Primary
16th January Tuesday 2nd Unit Test Examination & 2nd Preliminary Examination (Std. X) Primary & Secondary
25th January Thursday Republic Day Celebration Primary & Secondary
2nd February Friday Red & White Day Pre-primary
8th February Thursday Science Model Making Competition Secondary
9th February Friday Black & Yellow Day Pre-primary
16th February Friday Blue & Orange Day Pre-primary
17th February Saturday Science Exhibition Primary
23rd February Friday Honours Day Celebration All
26th February Monday Culmination Day Pre-primary
27th February Tuesday Marathi Diwas Celebration Primary & Secondary
28th February Wednesday National Science Day Celebration Primary & Secondary
11th March Monday 2nd Term Examination (Std. IX) Secondary
26th March Tuesday 2nd Term Examination All
12th April Friday Graduation Day Pre-primary
2nd Term Open House- (Std. IX) Secondary
26th April Friday 2nd Term Examination- Open House All