Pre-Primary School

We have a “living system of schooling” where artifice and hypocrisy are kept at bay and an amiable environment is maintained to put all involved at ease.

In keeping with our educational goals and methodology, we provide colorful, fun-filled settings in which a child learns easily and joyfully. The classrooms and learning spaces at KGES (Pre-Primary Section) are aimed to stimulate the child’s inherent creativity imagination and need for role-play. Each space is unique and one of a kind; designed in-house by our professional team that understands the learning objectives being served.

  • Regular exposure to stage via music, dance and drama instills confidence from a very tender age.
  • Students are encouraged to progress at their own pace, in a supportive and challenging environment.
  • In a stress free, fun filled and comfortable surrounding students master the early learning concepts.
  • Through various activities we enhance the overall development of the child.