Greetings to all!

Education is a prime instrument of national purpose & the quality of education is involved in the quality of nation. The maintenance & strengthening of quality education is a task even more difficult than its attainment.

“Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out”

In pursuit of excellence in education ,KGES has come a long way & are performing very well in its academic & curricular achievements. In KGES we ensure that our curricular & co-curricular activities meet the need of educational relevance.

The curriculum is designed to help each child to achieve his full potential by providing a very wide spectrum of knowledge, encouraging the community spirit & sense of responsibility. The success story of KGES & its innovative approach towards better education is due to its excellent faculty, which is well equipped with appropriate knowledge & experience. The basic objectives of education such as the harmonious & integrated development of every student is very well taken care by all the faculty members.

Today we stand at the threshold of new challenges & opportunities. The challenge is to offer a meaningful response to the expectations of the students & the parents & opportunity is to translate these dreams into reality.

I trust that our school which will reflect the collective wisdom of many students & faculty members will serve as a source of inspiration to the future generation.

I appreciate the dedication & sincere efforts of all the dedicated staff, who are attached to KGES & wish them the very best for all their endeavors.

My sincere gratitude to Shri Ashokji Saraf, Shri Kailashji Kejriwal, Smt. Neera Saraf and Smt. Nilima Pahwa for mentoring and guiding us at all times.

I along with Headmistress, Mrs.Indrani Balan, pledge to give the best to our students and raise the KGES flag to its glory.

A warm welcome to the KGES family.

Mrs. Mini Nayar