Message from the President

Ashok M. Saraf

Dear Students!
Mumbai is a city of multiple opportunities for the youth to pursue higher and professional education that will lead to a desired career of his / her choice. Rajasthani Sammelan Education Trust has always been sensitive to the requirements of young students – both male and female desirous of availing educational opportunities that the city offers to the student community. To provide safe and secured accommodation to women students coming to Mumbai from other cities to pursue higher education, our Trust started Draupadidevi Sanwarmal Women’s Hostel in the campus in 2012.

We had a keen desire to provide similar opportunities to male students coming from other cities by providing accommodation in a Boys’ Hostel. With a handsome donation received from Shri Ramprakash B. Bubna and also with the help of our team of Office Bearers, Trustees and members of Managing Committee, we have been successful to start Jankidevi Bilasrai Bubna Boys’ Hostel from this academic year.

The Hostel is located at a walking distance from RSET Campus.. The independent Hostel building has seven floors and provides accommodation for 152 students. All rooms are air-conditioned and aesthetically designed. There are air-conditioned study areas on all floors where the students can sit and study,. Also, all the floors have lounge and TV room for recreation of the students. Other facilities include communication room, dining room and games room. For the safety of the students, the building is equipped with fire detection and firefighting system. CCTVs are also installed for 24 x 7 security. There is Wi-Fi access in the entire building. The building is maintained by professional house-keeping agency.

I am sure that your stay in the Hostel will be memorable and will help you to realize your dreams of completing higher and professional studies by staying in Mumbai. I look forward to welcome you in Jankidevi Bilasrai Bubna Boys’ Hostel.