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Kudilal Govindram Seksaria English School

Upcoming Events




3rd February, 2017

Police Visit

The theme for the month of January is “Community HELPERS”. KGSES Pre-Primary students are going to visit Police Station where they will learn how our “Heroes” of the Nation protect our country and make us feel safe & secure.

4th February, 2017

School Picnic

To rejuvenate our students after the heavy schedule of examinations, School picnic is being organized to make our students feel relax.

6th February, 2017

SSC Farewell

To bid farewell to our SSC students, farewell function is being organized for Std. X from Std. IX. It is an event were it’s a mixture of emotions, memories, laughter & sadness were all the students of Std. X leave the school premises..

17th February, 2017

Story Telling Competition

Stories will come alive as our students will come dressed up according to their character for the Story Telling Competition which will enhance their Imagination skill power.

10th March, 2017


Festival of colors is one of the most vibrant & exciting festival of the year. Teachers will explain our little ones the reason, beliefs & significance of celebrating it through an activity.

2nd March, 2017

Garden Visit

“Out in the Garden, A Garden Outing” will be conducted for our little ones. Kids will get a chance to visit a Garden 7 also learn about flowers, insects & different types of trees in the Garden.

2nd December, 2016

Debate Competition

To develop critical thinking and oratorical skills through evaluation and creativity the competition is being organized. It gives the students a chance to build up the confidence and present their compelling and responsive skills by responding to the difficult questions.

10th December, 2016

Ornament Making

Student's artistic skills are being evaluated by conducting this Competition.

20th December, 2016

Christmas Party

To soak the spirit of Christmas, teachers present the Puppet Show depicting the true essence of love.

23rd December, 2016

Sports Day

Students of KGES enthusiastically participate in the School Sports Day. It helps the students in developing their physical, cognitive, emotional and social domains in their lives. There are various displays of events being organized. Winners of these events are being awarded by Medals and Certificates.