About Draupadidevi Sanwarmal Women’s Hostel

Welcome to Draupadidevi Sanwarmal Women’s Hostel, an exclusive hostel for female students seeking a comfortable and secure living environment. The hostel offers the best-in-class amenities, with an accommodation capacity of up to 135 students. Located within the safe confines of RSET campus at Malad West, Mumbai. The hostel provides a convenient stay for students to pursue their studies while living in a secure and supportive environment. With easy access to shopping malls, metro and train stations, our hostel is the perfect choice for students who want to experience the best of city living.

Our aesthetically designed rooms are available on a share basis, providing ample space for you to live and thrive. With round-the-clock surveillance and a commitment to safety, you can focus on achieving your dreams without worrying about security concerns.

Choose from a range of AC and Non-AC rooms and enjoy delicious vegetarian meals. Come and experience the perfect blend of comfort, security, and convenience at Draupadidevi Sanwarmal Women’s Hostel.