NBA Accreditation Status


DSIMS Mumbai was in the process of preparing the Self-Assessment Report (SAR) toward accreditation under the AICTE National Board of Accreditation (NBA). In this direction, the Institute submitted the SAR document to AICTE on 02 Dec 2019 after complying to all necessary guidelines as laid down by AICTE. Accordingly, AICTE accepted the SAR document and intimated three possible dates for AICTE Accreditation Expert Visit Committee (EVC). The Institute Academic and Administrative Leadership started working upon the necessary paperwork and documentation to be furnished to EVC as supporting credentials for SAR.


NBA SAR: Work Done So Far

Self-Assessment Report (SAR) of DSIMS has been submitted on 02 December 2019. The following set of criteria was assessed in accordance to the Evaluation Guidelines in the NBA Manual. The criteria, marks/weightage and Institute assigned expected score are listed as follows:


Criteria No. Criteria Marks/Weightage Expected Score
1 Vision, Mission and Program Educational Objectives 50 45
2 Governance, Leadership & Financial Resources 100 82
3 Program Outcomes and Course Outcomes 100 85
4 Curriculum and Learning Process 125 102
5 Student Quality and Performance 100 83
6 Faculty Attributes and Contributions 220 163
7 Industry and International Connect 130 105
8 Infrastructure 75 64
9 Alumni Performance and Connect 50 37
10 Continuous Improvement 50 41
Total 1000 807


The expected scores assigned are subject to validation by the EVC of the Accreditation Team from AICTE.

Based upon the Criteria listed above, the Criteria owners from Faculty and Staff members of the Institute are engaged in preparation of the associated files and supporting documents required to substantiate the assigned score against each Criterion.