What after Grade 10

What after Grade 10

Its definitely not easy being a Grade 10 student or a parent of a child studying in this class. This is a time, when important career decisions need to be taken in terms of the program to be pursued in Grade 11 & 12, the subject options, career pathway etc. However, with very limited information available in the public domain on this matter makes the choice difficult for both parents and students.

What further complicates things is the plethora of options available in our city for further studies after Grade 10. In terms of the international education space, there are the IB Diploma and the Cambridge International AS/A Level Programs. A handful of schools also offer the American High School Program – Advanced Placement (AP).

Whilst IB is offered by a majority of schools, there remain questions in terms of acceptability (especially in India). Further, questions also arise in terms of the pros and cons of each international board, the subject choices offered, whether marksheets are issued in grades or marks and so on.

We have organised an information session at our school-MBIS on Saturday. 8th December 2018 to share insights on queries like the ones stated above. We further plan to also address another frequently asked question on Career Counselling. Should children be enrolled with a career counselor, what tangible benefits does the counselor offer etc.

This session would be a great opportunity to learn from our international education experts on the above topics and pave the way for you as a parent to make a more informed decision regarding your child’s future.

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