Early Years Programme

“Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.”

– Malcolm X

Early childhood is a remarkable period in a child’s growth and development phase. This stage can foster children’s curiosity and enjoyment in exploring the world. A child achieves one growth milestone after another, growing by leaps and bounds and it needs to be cherished and nourished in order for them to grow up into talented and successful individuals. Children in their early years need time to play and be physically as well as mentally active. Just like all the other sections of the school, our approach is towards teaching and learning in the primary section, guided by our Core Values. The following are the core values that we live by:

  • Learning @1
  • Academics +
  • Every Child First
  • Open Door Always
  • High Happiness Quotient.

At MBIS, we strive to provide numerous opportunities for the children to explore and learn so that we can nurture their individual needs, interests, and skills. By creating a warm, caring and happy environment in which every child can grow and progress at their own pace, we make learning an exciting part of their growing years.

Recognising and understanding that this is a sensitive time for youngsters who are stepping out of the comfort zone of their home environment for the first time, we ensure that emotional and physical security are a priority so that they feel safe in the environment that they are trying to bloom in. We ensure this by:

  • Receiving and escorting students individually to the classroom
  • Keeping our class sizes small
  • Assigning two teachers and a support staff to every class
  • Ensuring that they are never left alone
  • Providing child safe material during class and play time
  • Providing CCTV cameras in every area of the school

We focus on the constructive and holistic development of the child through play, art, music, and language. The early years’ program is designed around three core subjects of literacy, numeracy, and area of inquiry. In literacy, kids are taught various language skills along with phonic sounds, which are an important part of development in children.

Creativity and curiosity are nurtured at each stage of the programme and the inquiry-based method facilitates this. We encourage learners to enquire and seek, rather than to assume what they should learn. Each area of inquiry develops the children’s communication, thinking, self-management, and social skills.

Our academic programme is fully supported, integrated and linked with co-curricular activities. Students are exposed to various activities like Art and Design, Music, Yoga, and Martial Arts. Leading professional agencies are involved in providing expert guidance to our students.

  • Sporting skills are developed by Marcos quay
  • Speech and Drama by Helen O Grady International
  • Graphic Animation by Giant Wheel and
  • Dance by Shiamak Davar Education.