Happiness Quotient

Happiness Quotient

At individual, national and global levels progress can be measured in many ways. Countries measure progress in terms of rise in the Wealth of Nations, their Gross Domestic Product and their Per Capita Income. One enlightened nation, Bhutan, however, measures its progress in terms of how satisfied its citizens are and hence has come up with the concept of Gross National Happiness.

As in the case of nations, in educational institutions too, the yardstick of measuring success is often in terms of the percentages scored by its students and the number of students in the school. At MBIS, which has been ranked among the top International Schools in Mumbai, we pride ourselves on being a boutique school and keep our classes small by design. We focus on the holistic development of the child who should grow up and become a responsible global citizen.

Our core values ensure that each student gets focused attention on developing her strengths and performing to the best of her ability in clearly identified academic disciplines. The values and training of our teachers also make sure that differentiation in our classrooms is at the heart of the learning experience. Academics is balanced with highly focused co-curricular activities that include theatre, dance, martial arts and others delivered by the best in the field. In all our endeavours we make sure that an active and well-informed parent body participates in all the school’s programmes.

Is it then a surprise at all that our students consider MBIS as their second home and arrive each day with a smile on their faces and an earnest desire to learn?

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