A good education is that which helps you to understand, explain and sensitively participate in the world around you. And this is possible only when students learn to make meaningful links between what happens in the classroom and their lives. It is also important that these links be establish, not in extra-curricular time, but on a regular basis, within the school’s timetable.

Recognising this understanding as a part of its Core Values, at Mainadevi Bajaj International School we give balanced importance to co-curricular activities which give our students an added dimension to their learning. Academics+ is what we call this core value and it is imparted to our students by some of the best in the field ranging from:

    • Dance by Shiamak Davar Dance Institute
    • Speech and Drama by Helen O’Grady International
    • Extra Sports Coaching by Marcos Quay
    • Graphics and Animation by Giant Wheel
    • Robitics and Mobile Application Designing by RoboKart.

Our students also have regular PE and Music classes as well as Yoga and Martial Arts training. To extend their academic understanding our students appear for a range of Science, Math and other Olympiads. Visits to local government as well as business establishments and educational excursions further enhance our students educational experience at MBIS.

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