Bloomberg Programs

Ghanshyamdas Saraf College is the first and the only undergraduate college in University of Mumbai to introduce Bloomberg Terminals to its students.
Bloomberg is a leading technology company established from 1981 providing financial solutions that are needed for 21st century. Bloomberg has succeeded in connecting the decision makers to a dynamic network of data.

Bloomberg terminal is a global software platform which provides transparent and reliable financial, economic and Government information across all the market sectors. One arm of Bloomberg provides this access of data to Universities and Colleges to incorporate this system into academic programs and try to bridge the gap between Campus and Corporate.
With the establishment of this facility in our college we aim that our students will be able to bridge that gap effectively by utilizing this facility in which they would be analyzing the live market, comparing various investments and marketing strategies, evaluating complex financial instruments.

  • Bloomberg Market Concept (BMC)
  • Workshop on Technical Analysis
  • Bloomberg Investment challenge
  • Workshop on Python Programming

Bloomberg Market Concept (BMC)

Bloomberg Market Concepts (BMC) is a self-paced e-learning course at Sharda Cropchem Bloomberg Lab that provides an interactive introduction to the financial markets. BMC consists of 5 modules – Economic Indicators, Currencies, Fixed Income, Equities, and Getting Started on the Terminal – woven together from Bloomberg data, news, analytics and television.
The program includes classroom teaching and approx 70 plus Bloomberg functions with overview of Portfolio Management. The workshop will run for 20 hours that can be split according to the requirement.

Program Duration: 20 Hours
Prerequisite: Basic Knowledge of handling computer

The workshop will help participants to:

  • Operate Bloomberg terminal
  • Describe Economic Indicators
  • Describe the concepts of Fixed Income Securities
  • Describe the concepts of Equites Market
  • Describe the concepts of Currency Market
  • Familiarize yourself with over 70 Bloomberg Terminal functions
  • Solidify your knowledge with over 100 interactive questions

Workshop on technical analysis

Technical Analysis helps traders and investors navigate the gap between Intrinsic Value and Market Price by leveraging techniques like Statistical Analysis and Behavioral Economics . It is extremely useful for traders to enter and exit the market. The workshop at Sharda Cropchem Bloomberg Lab will contain the essence and basics of Technical analysis.

Workshop Duration: 20 Hours
Prerequisite: Basic Knowledge of handling computer with basic functions of Bloomberg

The workshop will help to:

  • Explore the difference between Fundamental and Technical analysis
  • Study different patterns, charts trends
  • Study major Indicators and trading strategies
  • Explore the technical tools in Bloomberg terminals


The investment challenge simulation game is designed at Sharda Cropchem Bloomberg Lab for Management students and Management Trainee who want hands on expertise in real markets by analyzing the securities and managing portfolio of securities to create management skills in to the subjects. This challenge helps in bridging the gap between campus and corporate by developing Research & Analytical skills & exploring new investment strategies.

Program Duration: 3 months
Prerequisite: Basic Knowledge of handling computer

Key Takeaways:

  • Develop Research & Analysis Skills: Students will be asked to research companies using fundamental data and using technical analysis to conclude investment ideas.
  • Stay abreast the market: To improve their chance of making profitable decisions, students must follow overall market trends, be mindful of M&A or other corporate news and announcement of their target companies, it a perfect exercise to keep them engaged with current financial market.
  • Develop investment strategies: Students are required to devise a strategy and evaluate its effectiveness throughout the competition.
  • Team Building: As the game is not about being individual investor. it’s about the whole group creating and developing their trading ideas


Python For Derivatives is a 2-day application-oriented programming at Sharda Cropchem Bloomberg Lab for derivatives analysis using Python that bridges the gap between theory and application.

  • Participants will gain a comprehensive introduction to scientific computing and will develop industry ready skills through hands-on practise with real world applications.
  • Participants get practical experience in applying the theory and will be ready to implement the concepts, develop their own analysis using Python.

Workshop Duration: 2 Days
Prerequisite: No prior programming experience required.

What you will learn?

Get started with futures and options data of stocks, indices and volatility time series; data wrangling; statistics; interactive visualization; building solutions for open interest analysis; building continuous futures and combined open interest time series required for derivatives analysis.

Build solutions for options pricing & analysis; Building historical put call ratio and at-the-money implied volatility and involves hands-on project for a full half-day on statistical trigger-based volatility/options strategy back testing.