Workshop on Script Writing conducted by Mr. Sanjay Chhel on 7th Jan 2020

DGMC being a film school conducts a number of guest lecture series …Read More

Workshop on News Sensitisation & Verification conducted by Ms. Shewta Bhandral on 25th Jan 2020

Bhandral a TV journalist and a Google trained News Verifier and verification trainer …Read More

Workshop on Research Methodology by Sulekha Munshi – 15th Feb 2020

A workshop of research methodology was conducted by Prof. Sulekha Munshi …Read More

Various Workshops Conducted for SYPGDM Semester-V students

Various Workshops Conducted for SYPGDM Semester-V students…Read More

Workshop by Dr.Venkatkrishnan Iyer on Quantitative Methodology - on Saturday 15th Mar 2020

What are the stages of statistics, measures of central tendency…Read More