Workshop on Research Methodology by Sulekha Munshi – 15th Feb 2020

A workshop of research methodology was conducted by Prof. Sulekha Munshi, for the students of F.Y.P.G.D.M., wherein it covered all the salient factors required to carry out a research.
The purpose of the workshop was to imbibe the significance of research in the field of media. Insights on how research can be used as an effective decision making tool, and how it can encounter advance and complex situations was taught. The workshop was also intended to guide the students to draft report, regarding the international immersion programme to Egypt.

The workshop designed to instill the value of research among the students, gave them a thorough understanding of the subject. Basics of the research process were skimmed over, as it has been studied earlier. Right from coming up with a precise title and well-constructed hypothesis, to comparing and evaluating the data, was satisfactorily explained. The international immersion programme being one of the vital facets of the workshop, the students were made to indulge themselves in the discussion of collecting data in the foreign country, and various approaches towards the same. Along with drafting the objectives of research given to the students categorized in groups, neutral presentation of facts, through investigations, explanations and evaluations were talked about. The students also presented their preliminary outlines of research, along with the suitable research designs. Attaining the possible opportunities, and techniques to overcome the challenges concerning the research methodology were edified with relevant examples and case studies. Overall, the research methodology workshop guided the students, establishing research as a tool for building knowledge and facilitating learning. The workshop helped students gain an understanding of how research if inculcated as a skill, can help seize opportunities, raise one’s awareness and secure the base, the students need in their respective professional arenas.