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Ramdhar Maheshwari Career Counseling Centre
Study Abroad Testimonials

Student Name



Jewel Gotad


I had walked in without any clarity but after the session, I have a profound knowledge of what I am supposed to do and work towards. Excellent Experience !!

Eden Tavares


Would like to come back. Very good advice offered .

Shubham Baheji


The information regarding the course was useful, I also needed some counselling regarding the choice of field so that I may be clear on that part. Regarding VISA & University counseling it was beneficial.

Simran Khandelwal


Amazing Counseling session with Ma’am. Guided me well on the country and the process of application.

Reem Rajendran


It was really fruitful and informative. Thank you

Vrishti Thakur


Clear instructions. Everything sound perfect and clear. I am sure of going smoothly ahead in process of counseling with the counselor.

Viken Shah


Very Effective and convincing. Thank you for service.

Ayush Hariname


I got all the information, I needed. All doubts are cleared and every single thing was explained.

Seema Vishwakarma


Counselor has given me good information related with the courses. She helped me out for how to apply in the University for Further Studies.

Param Chheda


The Counseling was valuable, helped me to get into a good university and also helped me through the process till end.

Yusuf Molapiya


Counselor was very helpful and kind and concerned to me. She took care of me and of my abroad going programme very systematically. It was a very good experience with counselor and she helped me to go abroad for my further studies easily and help me to choose good course for my bright future. I also liked these courses of “Diploma in Tourism Hospitality and Hotel Management”. The good think about Counselor was she took guarantee that the student is sure to go abroad for his studies without any difficulties.

Swarada Sahasrabuddhe


The Guidance and suggestions given by counselor is of immense help and support to me for overall preparation for Master’s and in my professional career. Tips given were very important and practical.