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Ramdhar Maheshwari Career Counseling Centre
Career Counseling Testimonials

Student Name



Arun S. Pandey


The counselor was really friendly; her inputs were helpful not only in my career development but also in personal development.

Megha M. Bohra


The session was very helpful, Counselor has provided in depth information for best option available according to my profile. She was very suggestive It will definitely me to plan for a better future ahead.

Ishan Joshi


The test conducted perfectly match with our child’s personality, thinking and etc. Overall it was perfectly matching. The guidance given afterwards will help my child to grow for a better future. Thank you very much RMCC.

Rishika Chavan


I loved coming at RMCC, also my counselor has satisfied me with all my never ending question.

Sakshi Bhangale


I was very pleased with the results & suggestions given after the tests. All the weaknesses & strengths of mine were accurately identified & efficiently explained. This counselling session helped me get a direction for my future.

Hemant Daroga


The counseling session & test really helped me to clear the doubts in my mind & also helped me to work on my shortcomings. Counselor was very attentive & helpful.

Alesha Saldanha


Counselor really helped me realise what field I should continue in and what my strengths are. Now I’ll be using tips which are given by them towards my career. Thank you.

Divesh Das


It was of great help to the students. All the staff was good and very helpful.

Vinod Patil


The Session was really good; all the tests that were conducted are nicely explained. Thank you for your valuable counseling session for my career.

Kritika Srivastava


The aptitude test seemed very accurate because the questions could not be easily manipulated. The test took into amount of every aspect and I learned new things about not only opportunities are out there but what I am capable of. Excellent.

Ankita Bathia


The Counseling was helpful and supportive. Given me the right direction for which I am grateful.

Arpit Kothari


I had a great experience talking about personal and career related problems effectively. I got to know about my problems and how to solve it. Thank you.

Vijay Purswani


The reason for which we have done this test for my son’s career is known. Also other areas of improvement which is necessary for his growth is also highlighted so that we work on it. Over all satisfied.

Prashant Bisht


It’s great thing has been done here. I am delighted the way my problem sorted out. Keep it up. Thank you.

Fiza Imtiaz Desai


The Session was really wonderful. Counselor was quite friendly and made us understand what the best is. She said the things which we felt are needed for our daughter. Looking forward to give her the best.

Ishaa Agrawal


It was really genuine and useful test, helped to know some undiscovered abilities and fears. Thank you.