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Ramdhar Maheshwari Career Counseling Centre
Career Counseling Testimonials

Student Name



Saniya Murdeshwar


Was good interactive Session. Got clear indication and direction about future option available in education based on Aptitude test . Very Good Experience

Arham Jain


The session was very helpful and will surely help me in future . I am very happy that i came here . Thank You for your valuable time.

Shrey Kapoor


It was my first counseling sessions and my counselor kept good on my expectation coming in confused & going out with an absolute goal was all I wanted. It was exceptionally mind clearing , goal orientated session.

Sahas Shetty


Found the session useful. Most Importantly, we have got clarity between his aptitude and interest areas

Rehan Momin


Counseling helped me very well in relating to my course guidance and showed me a correct path for my future.

Morris Verghese


The Career Counseling session opened a lot of options for me and helped me pick the best one. Surely would recommend it to the others. The Aptitude tests were very helpful.

G S Satish


I really felt confident and relaxed after I found out that my career exactly matched with their recommendations and this was a good counseling for me.

Sanjana Patel


It was a really good experience! Got a lot of clarity on courses. It made choosing my PG Courses really easy. Thanks!

Soham Seksaria


It was a wonderful session. It has help us to answer our queries and help our kid to move in right direction with your due support.

Shruti Naik


The Aptitude Test was beneficial for me to know about my interests & skill sets. Counselor was very kind and gave fruitful.

Sukesh Suvarna


Session was very helpful. Specially the detailed report analysis which helped to observe key areas which I never noticed. Overall it was very useful session.

Jessica Naval


First of all I would like to say THANK YOU to my counselor for understanding my problems and interest and analysing it carefully. She helped me to find answers to my questions and to lead me to correct path in my studies and career.

Rohan Maity


It was a good interaction and I was able to select a particular course which I was confused about.

Vijith Nair


Certainly it helped my son to understand about him. This has helped him to change himself and to choose his path.

Vidhi Sandeep Patel


Excellent !!

Shravani Thakur


The session was very useful for me. The counselor gave me all useful information, which was needed. I hope it will give me a proper direction for my career. Thank you !

Navishtha Vyas


Had some doubts about my daughter career choice and they were very nicely cleared by the counselor.

Pranav Kerelia


I was very confused with my career, the counselling session by the counselor helped me choose my right career along with knowing my skills, abilities & my personality. Thanks a lot, really excellent counseling (must have)

Khushi Chougule


Thanks to RMCC for giving me a clear pathway towards my career. I appreciate their counseling session and their guidance for my future. I am clear with my career now.

Siddhi L. Soni


The counselor was excellent & helpful. We are very much satisfied.

Navishta Vyas


It was really very helpful for me. As I got the field in which I was interested and the session with the counselor was very good. I really loved it.

Purvesh Thanekar


It was excellent interacting session, her guidance was excellent. She showed the right path for my career.

Jayden Maxwell Peerize


Before the session I was confused but now after attending the session, I am clear about which field I want to pursue in future.

Aayush Jain


Very helpful and understanding, cleared most of the doubts. Polite and genuine advices.

Jolyn Rodrigues


It helped in having a clear idea for any career and to know about my interests.

Tanvi Mehta


This counseling helped me to make my decision on what should I pursue after my 10th. Thank You.

Kishal Shah


Hearty Thanks to the counselor, for her valuable advice. We are very clear about what my child needs to pursue further in future.

Faraz S. Shaikh


I am very impressed about her suggestion. We will go through it. Thanks for your suggestion.

Aradhya Sawant


The services are rendered in a very systematic and time friendly manner, will look forward for the further procedure.

Devang Gada


I really liked the session, because what I was planning to take it that only came into the report. The way of talking of the counselor was very and really liked the session.

Dhwani Shah


It was very helpful for what career I should go for which type of skills I should cope up with. Our all doubts are cleared and we are very happy to come here.

Jugal Malkani


Got a really clear view of what I want to pursue in the future and got rid of all my confusions.

Ankit Murawala


She is absolute a perfect counselor and given me the best advice to further pursue the area of work for future prospect. Very happy with the services. Thank You.

Arian Fernandes


Got a great deal of insight. Given me a sense of direction & understand my capabilities better. Helped give me focus on my strengths & work on my weakness.

Mayank Upadhyay


One of the best session. It helped me to understand my capacities and my interests. It has surely helped me to make a good career choice . Thank you RMCC!!

Aakansksha Maharana


It was indeed a valuable session and counselor helped me a lot to choose a Right Career. She also guided me on how to overcome my fear and weakness. I believe every student should take the career counseling.

Kashti Naik


The session was very interactive . I was not clear about my further studies & this session helped me a lot about my interest areas & further persuation.

Raj Poredi


Counselor is fabulous in speaking and explaining thinks what are good(best) for anyone. She gives the best choice through which one can choose once career carefully.

Archana Yadav


Very helpful for me. Ma’am has revealed my inner talent to which all I wasn’t aware of so its all surprise for me. Thanks to RMCC.

Ananya Kshirsagar


The session was really helpful. I came to know about a completely different career option at which I will succeed tremendously. All thanks to my counselor and the test.

Rhea Sarah David


We had a good session with Counselor. Which made us confident about moving ahead for the career. Thanks keep your counseling moving with God’s Grace.

Shlok Jagushte


It was better to hear what my personality would match with the type of career. I choose in the future. A helpful guidance.

Rishita Sangani


It was a really good session. I was pretty confident about my future goal but after this session. I have no doubt and am 100% sure about my future. Thank You so much.

Rohan Patel


I explore a complete new side of my personality. The one in one conversation was satisfying and thanks for clearing obstacles on my way!! Have a good day.

Diya Chokhani


It was well guided and I was satisfied with the Results. Thank You!

Vaibhav Agarwal


Guidance really made me clear regarding my career and provided me a fixed goal to think on. Sincerely Thank Counselor to guide me and show my path.

Virali Joisher


I am extremely satisfied with the service that has been provided. The assessment and the counseling was perfect and counselor has done her job so well. Kudos to the team!

Atishay Jain


The output we got from the counseling quite matched with my child’s behaviour and skills and the recommendations helped us clear out doubts.

Gurdeep Kaur Brar


It was very difficult for me before to decide as where am i capable in which field i am suitable for. But after the session. I can make out in which field I can do excel. I am happy with the Session. Thank You Ma’am.

Ulhas K


The Session was quite informative . The analysis were very precise . Helped clear my confusion and make my choices.

Riya Jain


I have a clear view for what I should pursue in my career. It was very helpful. The results are unexpected but when i think they are true.

Siddh Chheda


Career Counseling with Counselor was very good. They gave me the right course of my career, Earlier i was very confused. But now i am not confused about my career. I know now what to do in my career. Thanks for this type of counseling.

Khushi Modi


I will suggest each & every child to go for aptitude test to focus on their child future. Counselor is very polite and helpful. She builds confidence in parent & child both by talking to her. Thank You.

Namoha Lutharia


Personal & Aptitude test were good. Counselor had helped me a lot and clear my doubts regarding my career decision and for future. It was a great experience.

Ravi Ratngal


Awesome it was exactly matched what i was feeling since lost many days. Counselor is very knowledgeable & gave me valuable feedback . Very Postive. Thank You.

Jeet Jain


This session was a great experience for me. My Career counseling was done but counselor ma’am also helped me and my family for come family counseling. I would definitely recommend RMCC for counseling, mostly for Family Counseling.

Aditi Rane


I Loved to come here. It was very energetic & Knowledge giving session. I thought every student should get experience of such session. Thanks for giving very valuable information & suggestions.

Nikunj Hariya


Session was quite good and appropriate. I can relate everything to actual there was more helpful for selecting my career and helped me alot looking forward for Personal Counseling Sessions.

Fathima Shaikh


I like the session very much gotg all my doubts cleared and it was extremely informative. Now I am very much clear about the career or sector i want. Overall it was pretty good.

Akash Sajith


It was a good Session today. I felt much more energetic than before and you gave me a good advice about anger. Thank you.

Aryaman Gautam


It was useful and clear and also precise. It helped pointy out what needs to be worked on . Happy & Satisfied.

Shrushti Shinde


I liked the counseling sessions. Counselor was very clear & informative about the courses i could do. She was also very understanding of my personality. She made me feel comfortable. I would definitely recommend RMCC to my friends.

Bhaumik Vartak


The test was good and because of it I came to know the hidden problems because of which i was not able to study. Counselor has given me a lot of options which will make me focus on my career. Thank You!

Sughosh Mundra


The Analysis done is perfect and will help to choose the subject for career. The Course for which to be opt is nicely explained in detail – Excellent Job.

Krish Vakharia


Counselor made me understand everything which i felt hard & difficult she made me learn some new strategies which were so good and made my studies easier.

Aditya Khandelwal


Very intricate and detailed discussion. Gave us solutions and ways for our problem.

Pavitra Boob


Feedback by Parent
Got a very clear view about Pavitra’s Personality. It was really helpful. Some points were known, some Realised. Very Much Satisfied. Thanks a lot.

Abhinav Krishnan


Feedback by Parent
The Counselor helped me understand the various aspects of my son’s personality, ablilities etc. and a better clarity on which streams he can select.

Foram Pandya


Ma’am really spent lot of time in resolving my queries and guiding me through my career related confession. Really appreciate It was helpful.

Vijay Tandalekar


Ramdhar Maheshwari Career Counseling Centre has help me in the right way in doing my personality test in my PHD work So I am very thankful to your entire staff.

Mahi Sharma


I am looking forward to meet her often now. She is Excellent! The person she is moulding me into would definitely help me in the long run for sure! Thanking You!

Sanika Sharma


The test and the guidance were pretty good. I had my mind clear to my path and it was very helpful. I will soon be coming back if I need any further guidance. Thanks!

Geetika Singla


I have a better insight into options available for me after my graduation. Shrimoyi Ma’am was very helpful and showed lots of patience.

Priyanka Kela


Good Counselling done. Satisfied with the result. It is helpful to explore your core capabilities once you go through the counseling. Thank You RMCC.

Panav Ladha


I was very happy and satisfied with the whole session. I am glad that I did it for my son to understand his interests and personality better. Thank you.

Jayan Kulkarni


Anugrah Madam was very helpful. Before session I was confused what career path should I go for. But post session I had clarity & test helped me to figure it out. At the end I am clear what to do now.

Prasham Ladha


I found the aptitude test to be very accurate & would recommend it to anyone who needs clarity in deciding what career is right for them. Ms Anugrah was very helpful and explained my profile very well.



It was very helpful , Anugrah Madam was very helpful for me to understand my week points & strong points & were should i improve in my personal development as well.

Rajas Chodankar


Thanks for making me realise my potentials, strengths etc. Also thanks to RMCC for opening me to completely new career choices. Which I never thought of.

Maheshwari Rathod


The Session was very helpful. I am not confused and econ make a clear decision about my career now. The session with the counselor was really good and she is very friendly and Professional.

Aditi Satish Patil


It was really good. I was able to understand myself interest and make a right decision and have a great future ahead.

Disha Parmar


This Session helped to me get a clarity and also helped me in clearing my doubts and question. It also taught me to stop doubting myself and keep some confidence in myself. Thank you.

Talha Shaikh


Session & interaction was very good and clear. We appreciate the analysis and explanation by the counsellor.

Tanisha Arora


Good Counseling. Really helpful, helps in getting clear view of the future courses and careers.

Bernand Fernandes


A Very Positive and professional approach . Always ready to listen and receive inputs.

Simran Bardhan


Counselling helped me better to take a good decision for my future. Thank you Mam.

Janhavi Katrodia


It was really helpful. I got the right path. I made up my mind, which first i was confused. It was really very helpful.

Samruddhi Sanchetz


Excellent ! She explained the concepts pretty well. Very much satisfied with her counseling . Thanks a ton!

Vaidik Rai


The advice which I have received from the counsellor is worth for me. I will try to follow her guidance in future . Thank you.

Om Dalvi


Feedback by parents on counseling for Om Dalvi Counselor is very nice person she explained everything very nicely. She helped us to choose Om’s career & helped me to understand Om very well.

Aneesh Shinde


The information provided based on my personality assessment is helpful. Ma'am has helped me understand the courses suitable for me according to my traits which gave a great insight. It was very helpful.

Durvesh Kadam


I feel better after talking with the counselor. They are very polite while talking with me. They really help me for career and how can I be better.

Yash Rajapurkar


Helped me to figure what is better in me. In which of the field I am better. Due to this session I came to know about my weakness and learning disabilities. I will copeup with my weakness with this. Thank You.

Hrithik Agarwal


Very Satisfying & encouraging session with the counselor. Focusing on strengths & weaknesses in order to understand & draw a career path.{ Asking personal & psychological qyuestions can help one to understand thyself }

Tushar Sankula


It was a nice session.Everything in reports was genuine & true upto my knowledg. I came here for a career counseling, but the real issue was something else. So recommended me a personal counseling & then will sort out career aspects.

Raghav Kedia


Helped me get a better understanding of my personality and how I can better myself. Very easy to talk to. Would definitely recommend.

Astha Salecha


On a personal note, it has been absolutely helpful. I really think that the decision to come here for a career counselling was a right one.

Vineet Kashyap


Exteremly interesting and valuable feedback. Anugrah Ma'am is extermely understanding about a lot of issues which helps students make a calculated decision, loved every bit of it :) Five star counselling.

Alisha Jamshed


The counseling session was very helpful in sorting out the jumble of career options in my mind. Hopefully now I won't be as confused as I was before. I am Certain that now I can easily choose the best career choice for myself.

Debroy Fernandes


Feedback by parents on counseling for Debroy Fernandes
The counseler was able to guide us and help us to make understand the various fields which my child was interested in. The communication was also very good and brief.

Juhi Kailash Ajwani


The counseling session was amazing. Counselor ma'am, gave a good insight as to which career suits me the best, something I was not firm about. She gave me a proper understanding as to why I should apply some course and its results. You are the Best Ma'am, seriously loved talking to you.

Pranav Joshi


The counselor was really friendly; her inputs were helpful not only in my career development but also in personal development.

Arun S. Pandey


The counselor was really friendly; her inputs were helpful not only in my career development but also in personal development.

Megha M. Bohra


The session was very helpful, Counselor has provided in depth information for best option available according to my profile. She was very suggestive It will definitely me to plan for a better future ahead.

Ishan Joshi


The test conducted perfectly match with our child’s personality, thinking and etc. Overall it was perfectly matching. The guidance given afterwards will help my child to grow for a better future. Thank you very much RMCC.

Rishika Chavan


I loved coming at RMCC, also my counselor has satisfied me with all my never ending question.

Sakshi Bhangale


I was very pleased with the results & suggestions given after the tests. All the weaknesses & strengths of mine were accurately identified & efficiently explained. This counselling session helped me get a direction for my future.

Hemant Daroga


The counseling session & test really helped me to clear the doubts in my mind & also helped me to work on my shortcomings. Counselor was very attentive & helpful.

Alesha Saldanha


Counselor really helped me realise what field I should continue in and what my strengths are. Now I’ll be using tips which are given by them towards my career. Thank you.

Divesh Das


It was of great help to the students. All the staff was good and very helpful.

Vinod Patil


The Session was really good; all the tests that were conducted are nicely explained. Thank you for your valuable counseling session for my career.

Kritika Srivastava


The aptitude test seemed very accurate because the questions could not be easily manipulated. The test took into amount of every aspect and I learned new things about not only opportunities are out there but what I am capable of. Excellent.

Ankita Bathia


The Counseling was helpful and supportive. Given me the right direction for which I am grateful.

Arpit Kothari


I had a great experience talking about personal and career related problems effectively. I got to know about my problems and how to solve it. Thank you.

Vijay Purswani


The reason for which we have done this test for my son’s career is known. Also other areas of improvement which is necessary for his growth is also highlighted so that we work on it. Over all satisfied.

Prashant Bisht


It’s great thing has been done here. I am delighted the way my problem sorted out. Keep it up. Thank you.

Fiza Imtiaz Desai


The Session was really wonderful. Counselor was quite friendly and made us understand what the best is. She said the things which we felt are needed for our daughter. Looking forward to give her the best.

Ishaa Agrawal


It was really genuine and useful test, helped to know some undiscovered abilities and fears. Thank you.