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Career Aptitude Test & Guidance

RMCC conducts career guidance & counseling for students either on an individual basis or in a group format basis. Our USP is clarity, standardization and accuracy of reports & recommendations borne out of years of in-depth research & refinement.

This is supported by an in-depth one on one counseling session which helps the student/parent arrive at an informed career choice. We can administer the tests in English & Marathi.

CAREER COUNSELING (Make the right career choice)

With a wide array of career choices ranging from engineering, mass media, medicine, IT, Biotechnology etc…..and the list is endless, how do students decide what to pursue as career and enjoy pursuing it for lifetime? 

To recommend a appropriate career our counselors conduct Career Assessment Test through which they get a detailed report on Individuals interest, their strengths and weaknesses which is explained thoroughly to the student and parents and three best career option is been recommended.

Step 1: Career Assessment Test is a battery of 5 test i.e (Interest, Personality, Intelligence – Verbal & Non verbal and Aptitude Test)

  • Interest tests can tell you a lot about who you are and what suits you. They help you make a choice for a career, profession or education. Test duration is 1 hour

  • Personality test is a questionnaire based on guidelines of Bell’s Adjustment theory designed to reveal aspects of an individual's character or psychological makeup. Test duration is 1 hour.

  • Intelligence test, a series of tasks designed which includes Verbal and None Verbal component to measure the capacity to make abstractions, to learn, and to deal with novel situations. It is establish an intelligence level rating by measuring a subject's ability to form concepts, solve problems, acquire information, reason, and ability to perform other intellectual operations. Test duration is 1 hour

  • Aptitude Test is structured systematic ways of evaluating how people perform on tasks or react to different situations.

The aptitude test will consist of various parts. These parts include an Abstract Reasoning Test, Verbal Reasoning Test, Numerical Reasoning Test, Spatial Reasoning Test and Mechanical Reasoning Test. Test duration is 1 hour.

Step 2: Assessment Report explained by the career counselor

Step 3: Top 3 Careers are recommended post evaluation of the entire four tests.

Step 4: One to One Personal Career Counselling on the recommended Career

We believe when you are in the right profession, you are not working, you are in fact enjoying every moment of it. So get paid to enjoy yourself. And the best part is you are getting paid for enjoying yourself

Career Guidance and Counseling