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Ramdhar Maheshwari Career Counseling Centre


Academy For Counseling & Education Pvt. Ltd.

The parent company ACADEMY FOR COUNSELING & EDUCATION PVT. LTD. is founded on a proven counseling methodology spanning over 18 years by veteran & renowned clinical psychologist, rehabilitation counselor & therapist Ms.

Salma Prabhu. With over 100000 students, parents, teachers & families from all over India, successfully counseled, ACE as developed a niche in areas of Career ounseling, Learning Difficulty solutions, personal issue counseling as well as HR interventions in corporate. ACE is also the sole authorized training partner for PEARSON clinical assessments in Mumbai & Pune.

It is our goal to make career counseling, counseling & LD services available in a standardized structured format across the country as most of these services are being delivered by individuals with minimum fall back & accountability. Personal counseling, Career Counseling & Learning Difficulty solutions/treatment are what we offer at our ACE Centres. Our Head office looks at outbound services through schools, colleges & corporate.

The ACE Ideology:

The Journey which began 18 years ago uncovered a lot of stress and strain experienced by different age group of people in their social lives. Important decisions pertaining to Career, social status, personal confrontations were not being addressed with expertise thus leading to a lot of chaos & dissatisfaction. The effect led to a lot of multiple behavioral issues amongst people.

The ideology of ACE is to make a positive difference in the lives of people by providing timely guidance to eliminate conflict thus increasing the happiness quotient and creating a win-win situation for all.


The services of this company are categorized under five different brands. These are as under:

Under this we conduct career guidance & counseling for students either on an individual basis or in a group format basis. Our USP is clarity, standardization and accuracy of reports & recommendations borne out of 17 years of indepth research & refinement

This is supported by an in-depth one on one counseling session which helps the student/parent arrive at an informed career choice. To-date we have profiled more than 60000 students. We can administer the tests in English & Marathi.

We have a team of trained career counselors and can reach even the remotest corner of the country, if the need arises.

Herein, we offer end to end solutions for children suffering from Learning Difficulties (Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, Dysgraphia, Dyscalculia, ADHD, slow learners, etc).

The services include :

  • LD identification
  • Remedial Treatment
  • Student & Parent Counseling
  • Teacher & Parents training on LD

Here, we also outplace our counselors in schools for addressing behavioral issues in students as well as parent Counseling.

Herein, we deliver the following services:

  • Personal Counseling to individuals on issues ranging from behavioral, parent-child, husband-wife relationships, etc.
  • Clinically supportive Counseling for psychiatrist recommended patients.
  • Clinical Diagnostic Testing in areas of
  • Behavioral disorder assessments (Rorschach, MMPI, CAT, VABS, etc)
  • IQ Assessments t Pres-school to adults (BAILEY, WIPPSI, WISC, WAIS)
  • Dyslexia Identification Curriculum Based Test (CBT)
  • Personality Assessmentt 16PF, MBTI

ABOUT Ms. Salma Prabhu - Director – ACE

  • Registered Practitioner with Rehabilitation Council Of India
  • M.A. In Clinical Psychology t Mumbai Univ.
  • PGDM in Career Development, Group Psychological Tests, Contemporary Psychotherapies, Psychopathology, Personality Psychology, Micro Counseling & Counseling techniques
  • Winner of Shiksha Nharati Puraskar for her contribution in the field of education by All India Acievers Foundation
  • Direct Learning UK Certified Remedial Educator
  • International Associate for American Psychology Association (APA)
  • Pearson Certified Trainer for Pearson Clinical Assessments
  • REBT Practitioner & Trainer

Ms. Prabhu is a veteran specialized in the field of counseling, Therapies, Remedial interventions, clinical diagnostics & career development As one of the founder panel members she has helped set up the first PGDM program in Guidance and Counseling at SIES College, Mumbai.

She is also a core panel member who was responsible for formulating the curriculum based imparting of practical skills of counseling for the M. A. in counseling program at Tata Institute Of Social Sciences (TISS), She is the visiting faculty at Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai and specializes in training students in practical counseling skills adapted from various theories and therapies.

  Ms. Salma Prabhu