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About Pledge One

It is estimated that out of the 200 million children in the age group 6 - 14, about 59 million are out of school.

As responsible citizens of our country, we need to reduce this educational inequity. After all investing in a child’s education is investing in an entire community.

Through PledgeOne we urge you to strengthen our hands and our resolve in imparting education right from school till they graduate to be the future of Tomorrow’s India.

Together, we can impact the lives of over 4700 students and empower them. It will give these children a platform to receive quality education at various institutions of RS like Kudilal Govindram Seksaria Sarvodaya School (KGSS), Durgadevi Saraf Junior College (DSJC), and Ghanshyamdas Saraf College (GSCC).

Your Pledge to Educate a Child is your gesture to get them into the mainstream. There are many who have already taken this Pledge, and a child is waiting for you take yours!

How Your Pledge will be utilized  

Provide education to under privileged students from all communities.
Developing better educational aids
Provide facilities to students to excel in sports
Improving Infrastructure

You may Pledge

Rs. 11,000 Per Student / Per Year
Rs. 21,000 Per Student / Two Years
Rs. 31,000 Per Student / Three Years
Rs. 51,000 Per Student / Five Years
Rs. 1,01,000 Per Student / Ten Years

Pledge for multiple students can be taken under any of the above options

Donations to Rajasthani Sammelan are eligible for deduction under section 80G of Income Tax Act 1961

Respected Donors and Well Wishers,

Rajasthani Sammelan (RS), a registered public charitable trust was established in the year 1948 at Malad, Mumbai. During the last six decades, RS has played a very vital role in promoting and providing better education from primary to post-graduation in every field.

Today, RS is imparting education to over 13000 students at our various institutes. Out of this, over 4700 students are studying in the aided section of our institutes viz. Kudilal Govindram Seksaria Savodaya School, Durgadevi Saraf Junior College, and Ghanshyamdas Saraf College of Arts & Commerce.

This, we have been doing with the support from various generous donors who have come forward with their help and contribution.

In our mission to meet the avowed objective of “Education for All”, we need more like-minded people to associate with us. RS, through its initiative PledgeOne appeals to all like-minded people to Pledge for educating at least one child.

Your contribution will enable us to provide the best infrastructure and educational tools, improve the skill set of the student and impart the most contemporary training to the faculty teaching at our institutes.

We appeal to you to donate generously to PledgeOne and bring about this change. You could Pledge to educate more than one child, or support his/her education right from Nursery to Degree College.

We thank you for your Pledge to Educate a Child.

Best Wishes,

Ashok M. Saraf Kailash Kejriwal
President Honorary Secretary
All donations to PledgeOne are eligible for deduction under section 80G of Income Tax Act, 1961

A mention of your contribution will be included in Abacus, the Quarterly Newsletter of Rajasthani Sammelan

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