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Mainadevi Bajaj International School

Primary School Programme

The Primary School Programme
The Primary School Programme follows the Cambridge Primary Programme (CPP) and encompasses Grades 1 to 5. Our learning environment is designed to support the holistic development of each and every child. At MBIS, we value creativity, activity and experiential learning as part of a holistic educational experience. All children are naturally curious, and we are committed not only to keeping this curiosity alive, but in cultivating it into a passion for learning. Our faculty does this by modeling the Cambridge Primary Years Learners Attitudes, encouraging students to be: confident, responsible, reflective, innovative and engaged. Our students are “active learners” they do not learn skills in isolation or by rote. With our challenging inquiry-based curriculum, they learn and acquire knowledge through concept-driven and transdisciplinary approach. The CPP curriculum framework fosters the development of knowledge, skills and conceptual understanding through inquiry into 6 transdisciplinary themes. Transdisciplinary Skills are developed across all areas of the curriculum ensuring our students are equipped to face the demands of an ever-changing world: Language (where English is the language of instruction) French (additional language) Hindi, Mathematics, Social Studies, Science, Physical Education, Dance, Music, Drama, Cambridge Primary Checkpoint At MBIS our students sit for the Cambridge Primary Checkpoint which is designed to help students learn by providing comprehensive feedback on their strengths and weaknesses in the key curriculum areas – English, Mathematics and Science. They are marked by Cambridge and provide us with an international benchmark for learner performance. Each MBIS learner of Grade 5 shall receive a statement of achievement and a diagnostic feedback report.

Technology in our classrooms
At MBIS, we have a wifi campus, interactive boards and iPads to enrich the teaching and learning at school . Technology at our school is used as a learning tool which makes learning more fun filled.

Enhanced learning
In addition to academics, primary students participates in Art of Living, Speech & Drama, Dance, Martial Arts, Graphics & Animation programme through both the regularly timetabled co-curricular programme and extracurricular offerings after school. Excursion week and Field trips are just a few of the experiential learning experiences designed to support our inquiry based curriculum. During Excursion Week students in Grades 1 to 5 spend one or two days at an overnight camp. Excursion Week is a memorable experience where students are able to learn firsthand about the world cultures and environmental concerns. Field trips, organized by class or grade level, take place throughout the year. Field trips provide faculty with relevant, real world activities that support and extend students' understanding of units and topics being studied in class.

Individualized attention
Primary learners are engaged in significant, relevant, and challenging learning experiences in a world-class learning environment thoughtfully designed to develop each child’s personal and academic potential. Students spend most of their time with their homeroom teacher, and class sizes are kept small, allowing ample time for individualized attention. Primary classrooms are designed to support our programme of structured inquiry, facilitating the acquisition of skills and new knowledge. Strong partnerships with parents, outstanding facilities, and small class sizes translate our Primary School into a remarkable learning environment where quality learning takes place.

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