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Mainadevi Bajaj International School

Message from the Principal

Dear Students and Parents,
MBIS truly believes that the whole community has to work together to provide a congenial learning environment for its student. We strive to ensure mutual respect and acceptance of each and every stakeholder to promote growth that embraces all.

While earning helps in grooming through life and learning helps in growing through life, education at MBIS focuses on maintaining balance between the two in a quest to ensure holistic development.

For this we carefully implement the international curriculum that ensures both concurrency of learning and continuum of learning. Education at MBIS is not restricted to mere teaching, rather we believe in skill development. Our priority is to create lifelong learners by developing their cognitive, behavioural, self-management, communication and research skills. Our education programme is a perfect blend of academics and co-curricular activities.

We are committed to prepare learners to become global citizens of tomorrow by inculcating in them learner attributes suggested by CIE and the IB learner profiles while safeguarding their own cultural values and ethos.

This is only possible by having a team of qualified and experienced staff, the presence of visionary management for guidance and the support and understanding of parents. MBIS is blessed with all of these.

Dr. Sachin Sachdeva
Principal and Diploma Programme Coordinator

Dr  Sachin Sachdeva
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