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Martial Arts Programme

The Nippon Budo Sogo International India

This self defense programme prepares kids to face any kind of violence in their schools or own back yards. It also teaches them, self reliance, builds self esteem, bolsters courage and gives them the strength required to face a volatile world. The NBSII self defense program has been developed taking into consideration the short comings of traditional martial-arts, the program is time tested, and obsolete techniques are discarded.

What makes this program unique is its study and use of pressure points (weak links) in the human anatomy, techniques specifically designed, to target, easy to reach pressure points, produce devastating results, if used, relatively little or no strength is required to use these techniques, making them ideal for children.

The success of this program lies in its curriculum and strategies which cover all aspects of basic armed and unarmed combat against individuals and mobs, while keeping in mind the time, strength and fitness constraints of individuals.

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