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Salad Day
Apple mango, apple mango, papaya papaya...
Chickoo chickoo chickoo...
Chickoo chickoo chickoo...
Fruit salad fruit salad!!

Students of Early years learnt the importance of eating fruits. To highlight the same and to understand that having fruits helps us in keeping good health, a refreshing Fruit salad activity was held on Tuesday, 31st August 2018 for the Early years students.
Students brought varieties of fruits from home such as kiwi, apple, pear, banana and many more. They learnt about hygiene habit and understand the importance of washing fruits before eating. Yummy delicious and nutritious fruit salad was made in the class and also served to students. They relished all the fruits in the form of salad in the tastier way with peers in classroom.
Teacher along with the students sang songs and also discussed about texture, taste and some interesting facts about the fruits. It was indeed a fruitful day for our little Early years learners.

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