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Character Parade

Nursery- Dramatic play encourages children to put themselves in someone else's shoes. It helps in development of language, communication skills social skills and improves the concentration of the students.

Students of Nursery came dressed up as different Book characters related to stories and confidently presented themselves in front of the audience on Tuesday, 9th October 2018.
Jr.KG- There are many people in the world whose action and opinion strongly influence us in some way or the other. To celebrate and remember them our Junior KG students had a 'Book personality parade' on Tuesday, 9th October 2018, wherein they came dressed in their favourite personality character and spoke confidently few lines about them.
Sr.KG- Role play is an important part of child development, as it builds confidence, creativity communication, physical development and problem-solving.
Stories are meant to be enjoyed! Dissecting a story like a surgeon is not the main objective. The students of Sr.KG performed role plays on two stories " CINDERELLA " and "THE THREE LITTLE PIGS " in front of their parents, teachers and heads of schools on Tuesday, 9th October 2018. It helped in developing the students' creativity, curiosity and a host of other learning skills in a joyful manner. The role-play also allowed students' to get into character and act out fictional performances.

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