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Author Visit-Vinayak Mittal (Grades 1-10)
"Long patience and application saturated with your heart's blood-4you will either write or you will not-and the only way to find out whether you will or not is to try."
- Jim Tully, WD

On the 7th 0f August 2018 , students of MBIS were addressed by a fifteen year old author, named Vinayak Mittal who is currently a grade 11th student; the youngest author of " The Write Place " and who is the author of adventure fantasy novels "Crossroads " and " Cross times".

< He interacted with the students and enlightened them about his journey of becoming an author. "What motivated you to write books, "inquired Xerxes to which he replied that he loved reading books of J.K. Rowling and Rick Riordan who were his inspiration and that he learnt novel scripting on reading Harry Potter series. He wrote his debut novel "Crossroads "at the age of thirteen.

Harsh Manocha of grade 7 wanted to know how he managed to write a vivid description of a combat scene. Vinayak answered by saying that the verbs and adjectives that he uses, do not tell but show what happens during the combat which makes it very vivid.

"Being an author of two novels at such an age is quite a feat" said the Principal Mr Paurushasp Farokh Karkaria who concluded the talk by congratulating the young author for his past and future endeavours. He gave him a memento as a token of appreciation.

The event ended with the vote of thanks proposed by Ms Priya Natraj. The students benefitted a lot from the motivational and enriching talk delivered by the young author with regards to writing skills.

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