Learning @1

How does one challenge every child at the appropriate level of cognition? How does one bring out the best in a child? The core values of Mainadevi Bajaj International School are ingrained in the functioning of our faculty and each of them is attuned to paying individual attention to every student. At MBIS we undertake an elaborate process whereby we ascertain the strengths and weaknesses of every child. The levels are decided in a collaborative manner whereby each teacher creates an academic and co-curricular profile of every student. Apart from the teachers, in this process we are guided by observations made by our counsellor and the coordinator. Armed with this background we identify the subject-wise strengths of each child and give additional support to her so that she may excel in that area. For instance, a student who stands out exceptionally in Art or Math or Science will be encouraged with additional support to further hone the skills pertinent to that subject area.

As we march ahead with the greater integration of information technology in our academic processes, we have excellent data analysis tools which help us in making the right decision as well as maintain accurate records which will guide our students choices throughout their stay at MBIS.

Learning@1 is at the core of the boutique experience we offer at MBIS.

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