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Infrastructure Policy

The Policy and the Procedure for maintaining and utilizing Physical, Academic and the support facilities
Physical facilities

The physical facilities including Computer Laboratory and Classrooms etc. are made available for the students those who are admitted in the college. The students seek admission to desired courses. The classrooms, furniture and fixtures are utilized regularly for the students but sometime it is also made available for conducting various value added courses like ACCA, CFP, Skill Academy, BSE Institute and CASI Global. The maintenance and the cleaning of the classrooms and the computer laboratory is done with the help of Housekeeping Department, the contract of which has been given to outside agency. The college has adequate number of the computers with internet connections and the utility soft wares are distributed in different locations such as administrative office, computer laboratory, library, staff room etc. The office computers are also connected through the LAN and office software makes work easier and systematic. The library is also provided with LAN facility for the computers and they are loaded with the library software. The college website is maintained regularly by AMC with outside agency.

Academic and Support Facilities

The academic support facilities like library, sports and the other platforms supporting overall development of the students like NSS, NCC and DLLE is open only to the college students. A provision of the budget for the library maintenance is made by the college management. The sports department of the college has adequate infrastructure consisting of the sports room and the sports ground which can be used by student and staff. Career Guidance and Placement Cell of the college provides opportunity to students to get access to corporate world and make them employable.