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Durgadevi Saraf Junior College

Science Club

Visit to Science museum.
Science projects-participating at district level, state level etc. Vidhya Vikas Universal college, Malad, conducted Science BUZZ exhibition on 30th September 2015. Our college students FYJC science participated in the event, three groups from our college represented the event. Two groups won the respective awards.
1st runner up: - Rohit & group.(Rhot Garg, Sanchit Dhage, Yash Karekar, Mrunal Bane) students exhibited a working a model on "VOLEATGE DOUBLER". Where the DC voltage doubler circuit produces a voltage that is twice its voltage supply. Most popular exhibit award:- Manoj & group(Manoj Aashirwal, Nirmal Singh, Shreepad, Manoj Yadav) students exhibited a working model "SOLAR Panel". Where conversion of wind energy into mechanical energy into electrical energy.

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