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Women Entrepreneurship

Many women today wish to expand their horizon from either their current jobs or from owning small business/being a homemaker to having a large and successful enterprise and establish a brand name in business of their choice. There are many women who aspire to run their own small businesses but are not able to do so in spite of having some brilliant business ideas; most of the times for want of the seed money, lack of confidence in the success of the business idea, ignorance of legalities, etc. This short course would enable the aspirants in overcoming these hurdles and getting a promising and sustainable business running.

Application Forms can be downloaded from our website or procured from DSIMS office on payment of Rs. 500/-.

The candidates have to submit their proposed business plans along with the applications, which would be evaluated by a panel of experts on the basis of the feasibility of the idea, clarity and logic of the business plan. Selected candidates would be declared on our website.

Diplomas will be awarded to all the successful students at the end of the program.
* Please note that the bank reserves the rights to accept or reject loan proposal.
** The fee does not cover the refundable deposit amounts and the application fee. This fee has to be paid at the time of admission
Over the period of 4 Months, there will be class sessions of 3 hours duration each on thrice a week in between 11:30pm to 2:45pm.

The robust course structure covers all aspects required for beginning one's own enterprise and a broad itinerary is as under:
  • Idea generation
  • Building business plans and its implementation
  • Finance for Entrepreneurs
  • Marketing and Sales Planning
  • Communicating Effectively
  • Managing Family and Business
  • Legal issues
  • Financing your ideas
  • Managing people
Women desirous of setting up their own business with good communication skills.
Onetime payment of Rs. 50,000/-** (Inclusive of Service Tax)
Subjects Topics Covered
Phase - 1
Introduction to Entrepreneurship Types of Entrepreneurship, Case study, Entrepreneurship game, psychological test
Idea Generation Individual presentation, Vision and Mission, Product or Service, Market Research
Business Plan Preparing Business Plan, Presentation, Case Studies
Sales & Marketing GTM Plan, Segmentation, 4P's
Understanding Finance Cash flow analysis, ROI, Financial planning
Soft Skills/Business Com CRM, Barriers to communication,Negotiation skills,Grooming skills, Articulation skills, presentation skills, effective time mgmt.
Phase - 2
Financing your Business Took help from Professionals from BOI(Bank of India)for different loan schemes for women entrepreneurs
Setting your Business Financial Accounting:-Financial Statement preparation,income statement,balance sheet, financial statement analysis, cash flow statement analysis
Managing your Business wealth maximization,capital budgeting, cost of capital,working capital management,funding options for business
Social media for business networking How to use social media and online platforms for business networking
Scaling up your business How to scale your business in 5 years, Identifying Growth opportunities
Legal Management and Compliance Basic Legal Concepts, Indian Contract Act, Company law, Sale of Goods, Partnership, Consumer Protection Act, Intellectual Property Rights.
Subjects Topics Covered
Phase - 3
HR Management and Resources Planning Human resource management for businesses, Staffing,Training & Development, Compensation Management, Success stories of women entrepreneurs in India
Managing Family & Business Work life Balance, Time Mgmt., Stress Mgmt.
Presentation and data analysis skills - Excel Data analytics, Managing data, monitoring and tracking of business performance
Phase - 4
Exhibition exhibition of their products
Capstone Project Presentation final business plan presentation
Internship working with some live project or company
Key takeaways

Interactive sessions with senior professionals from financial institutions
  • Mock Exhibition of Products and Services of Participants' proposed enterprise
  • A four week internship in a small or medium size Enterprise
  • Assistance for securing business loans from leading banks*.
This is a program for budding women entrepreneurs. The preferred process will be active learning, where you find solutions to your challenges in an academic setting. The learning process will include:

    Interactive case studies based on real-life decisions
  • Group interaction that help you understand the process of entrepreneurial decision making
  • Focus sessions where small-groups discuss and share learnings with the batch
  • Group work for sharing experience and expertise very different from your own
  • Simulation exercises that benchmark your skills.
  • Role-play and video sessions to bring learning to life and build the ability to communicate effectively as a entrepreneur
  • Traditional classroom lectures on the very latest management theories You will be requested to work individually and in groups during the sessions.
    This will include preparation for forthcoming modules, including course essays, take-home exams, and course projects.

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