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DETAILS AS ON 31st August, 2015
Dr. Nehal Joshipura

1.Low Risk Anomaly: A New Enemy of Market Efficiency, published in IUP Journal of Financial Risk Management (IJFRM), Vol. 10(3), pp.7-17.

2.Market Reaction to Stock Splits in Large and Liquid Stocks: Evidence from Indian Stock Market, published in NMIMS Management Review, University Day special issue January 2014, Vol. XXIII, pp. 130-140, published by NMIMS University. (B-school ranking – 18).


1.Risk Anomaly - Empirical Evidence from Indian Stock Market, IUP Journal of Financial Risk Management (IJFRM), Vol. 12(1), March 2015.

2.Edited Book Chapter: Exploring Risk Anomaly in Indian Stock Market, published in edited book bearing ISBN number in a compiled book "General Trends in Economics, Finance and Marketing" published by Excel Pub, presented at ANVESH.

3.Risk Anomaly - Empirical Evidence from the Indian Stock Market, Nirma University Journal of Business and Management Studies, Vol. 8, Nos. 3 & 4, January-June 2014.


1.Risk Anomaly: A Review of Literature, Asian Journal of Finance and Accounting (AJFA – Macrothink Institute, USA), Vol. 7(2), March 2015. DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.5296/ajfa.v7i2.8262 [ABDC ranked journal]

2.Edited Book Chapter: Low Risk Anomaly: Evidence from India, presented in FORE International Finance Conference FIFC 2014 in the Book “EMERGING HORIZONS IN FINANCE” published by BLOOMSBURY INDIA, pp.54-67.

3.The Volatility Effect: Evidence from India, accepted with minor revisions for publication at Applied Finance Letters, an ABDC ranked journal of international repute published from New Zealand.
Dr. Sarika Jain

1. Jain, S., & Nair, S. K. (2013). Research on Work- Family Balance: A Review. Business Perspectives and Research, 2(1), 43-58 (Sage Publication)

2. Jain, S., & Nair, S. K. (2015). Role of Demographic Variables in Work-Family Enrichment: A Study of Sales Employees in India. International Journal of Business and Management Invention, 4(6) , 8-18

3. Jain, S., & Nair, S. K., (2016). The Mediating Role of Work-Family Conflict in the Relationship between Demands and Turnover Intentions. Int. J. Happiness and Development, 3 (1),22-43

(An Inderscience Publication)

4. Jain, S., & Nair, S. K. (Accepted). Work Support and Family Support as Predictors of Work to Family Enrichment and Family to Work Enrichment. Global Business Review (Sage Publication)

5. Jain, S., & Nair, S. K. (Accepted).Work – Family Conflict in India-Construct Validation and Status. Asia Pacific Journal of Management Research and Innovation, Vol.12 (I), p. 31 - 45. A Sage publication
Dr. Sumana Chaudhuri

"Estimation of fair rate of return on equity for Delhi International Airport" published in the Journal of the Airports Council International. The article has been co-authored with Professor Bijan Vasigh of Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, Daytona Beach, Florida
Dr. Sarita Vichore

Reviewed a book titled - Security Analysis & Protfolio Management. Publication - Oxford University Press
Dr. Nehal Joshipura
1.Risk Anomaly - Empirical Evidence from the Indian Stock Market, 1 st Prize for Best Paper at NICOM-2014 (17 th Nirma International Conference on Management), 9-11 January, 2014.
1.Asset allocation using gold & market portfolio: Does it have the golden potential?, presented at XIII Capital Markets Conference scheduled on Dec 18-19, 2014 at Indian Institute of Capital Markets,CBD Belapur.
2.Low Risk Anomaly: Evidence from India, presented at FORE International Finance Conference (FIFC 2014) at FORE School of Management, New Delhi; November 27-28, 2014.
3.Low volatility investment strategy-A new mantra for winning through volatility cycles, presented at Fifth Annual Great Lakes-Union Bank’s Conference on Emerging Issues in Economics and Finance, organized by the Great Lakes Institute of Management, Chennai, selected as the Best Paper presented in the conference. (December, 2014)
4.Exploring Risk Anomaly in Indian Stock Market, presented at ANVESH 2015, Doctoral Research Conference in Management at Nirma University. (3-4 April, 2015)
Dr. Sharad Kumar
The conference proceedings of our annual International Conference on “Outsourcing Strategy - A New Paradigm” held on 14th March 2015 have been brought out in the form of a publication with ISBN.978-93-5196-952-5.A total of 11 papers were accepted, and 8 were presented in the conference by respective authors.
The copies of the proceedings were sent by Courier to the Members of the of Remsons Centre for Management Research. The copies will also be sent to speakers and participants.
Dr. Sumana Chaudhuri
A Cost Benefit Analysis of Delhi Airport PPP Project' (Conference Paper #54),presented at the 19th ATRS World Conference held at National University Of Singapore (NUS), July 2-5,2015
Dr. Sumana Chaudhuri
Economics Of Airport Regulation: A Comparative Analysis of Developed & Developing Countries' at the International Conference on Leadership Strategies for Management of Marketing, Accounting, Business, Entrepreneurship, Economics and Tourism (MABET- 2015) organised by Krishi Sanskriti at Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, on 27th and 28th June, 2015.
Dr. Sharad Kumar
Opportunities and Issues in Outsourcing Information Technology with Special Reference to Offshore Outsourcing
Dr. Beena Prakash
Coping Strategies of BPO Employees and Demographic Determinants
Dr. Sumana Chaudhuri
Outsourcing in the Light of Applied Welfare Economics
Dr. Sharad Kumar
Merits and demerits of various appraisal methods used in promotions in a bank

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