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Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM)

Welcome to the Post Graduate Diploma in Management at DSIMS. The PGDM provides students a choice of platform to take leadership roles out of four emerging areas in the Industry –

  • Operations - Logistics and Supply Chain Management
  • Organizational Psychology & Human Resource Management
  • Marketing and Communications
  • Finance - Focus on Financial Markets

We invite you to browse through some of the most contemporaneous disciplines of management.
The PGDM of DSIMS is approved by AICTE and the Government of Maharashtra, Department of Technical Education.


Intake: 120 Seats

Admission Process:
The admission form is available on our website. Fill in application form and submit online. Application fee of Rs. 2000 should be sent by demand draft drawn in favour of “RS-DSIMS “to the Institute Office along with the downloaded application form before the last date for submission of admission form. Forms received without application processing fee will not be considered for admission.

The Institute will prepare a merit list based on the percentile of marks at the admission test and short list candidates for next stage of selection process i.e. Group Discussion and Personal Interview.

Weightage for Common entrance test, Group Discussion, Interview, Work Experience and academic performance are as follows:

Sr. No.ComponentsWeightage
1 Score in common entrance tests 50%
2 Group Discussion 15%
3 Personal Interview 15%
4 Work Experience 5%
5 Academic Performance in X std, XII std, Degree/Post graduate degree, Sports/ Extra Curricular activities, Academic diversity and gender diversity 15%
Admission Schedule:
Admission for Academic Year 2017-18 is open.

Group Discussion & Personal Interview: Dates will be communicated by email
Subject List 2014-15
Trimester I Trimester II Trimester III
Introduction to Behavioral Sciences Organization Behavior Human Resources Management
Marketing & Sales I Marketing & Sales II Applications in Marketing
Financial Accounting Cost and Management Accounting Financial Management
Business Statistics Public Finance & Taxation Decision Science
Prices and Markets Operations Research Corporate Strategy
Principles of Management Operations Management Corporate Law
IT in Business Macro Economics Geo-Politics
Trimester IV Trimester V Trimester VI
Analysis of Financial Statements Project Management Entrepreneurship
Business Analytics with R Environment Management & Social Initiatives Corporate Governance, Business Ethics and CSR
Trimester IV Trimester V Trimester VI
Transport and Warehousing Logistics and SCM Business Forecasting and Demand Planning
Operations Planning and Control TQM World Class operations
Technology Management including Manufacturing Strategy IT for SCM and ERP Operations Strategy
Business Process Re-engineering & Bench Marking Service Operations and Retailing Risk Management and Lean Six Sigma
Materials Management Infra and Facility Mgmt Sustainability and Green SC
Trimester IV Trimester V Trimester VI
Organisation Design & Development IR and Labour Legislation Developing Leadership Excellence and Building High Performance Teams
Training and Development Competency Based Assessment & Psychometric Testing Global HRM
Performance Management System Personal Effectiveness & Developing Interpersonal Skills Building Learning Organization and Knowledge Management
Compensation and Benefits Organizational Development and Change Management Employee Relations & Welfare
Human Resource Policy and Practices Talent Management & Employee Engagement HR Audit & Scorecard
Trimester IV Trimester V Trimester VI
Consumer Behaviour International Marketing Strategic Marketing Problems
Brand Management Marketing Models Media Planning & Analytics
Product Management Marketing & Sales - Services Retail Management
Sales Management Rural Marketing - I Business Marketing
Advertising Management Social Media Management Rural Marketing - II
Trimester IV Trimester V Trimester VI
Financial Institutions and Markets Derivatives and Risk Management Behavioural Finance
Financial Regulations & Compliance International Finance Applications of Portfolio Analysis
Market Microstructure Multi Asset Portfolio Management Financial Information Systems
Banking and Finance Alternate Asset Classes Volatility and Dynamic Asset Pricing
International Securities Operations Credit Markets (Fixed Income) M & A and Valuation
The candidate should fulfill the following eligibility criteria:
  • Should have passed Bachelors Degree examination in any faculty from a UGC recognized University with 50% marks in aggregate or equivalent CGPA before the commencement of the program. 
    Appeared for the final year examination of any Bachelor's degree examination in any faculty from a UGC recognized university. Such candidates can be considered for provisional admission subject to passing the degree examination with minimum of 50% marks in aggregate or equivalent CGPA. However such students submits the proof of passing the examination with required percentage on or before September 25, 2017, failing which the admission offered to them will stand cancelled automatically and the fees paid by them will be forfeited.

  • Appeared for MHA-CET 2017 conducted by the Director of Technical Education (DTE), Government of Maharashtra or appeared for CAT (Conducted by IIMs, GMAT (conducted by GMAC USA,) / CMAT (conducted by AICTE) / MAT (Conducted by AIMA / XAT (Conducted by XLRI /ATMA (Conducted by AIMS)
The total fee per year is Rs. 3,90,000 plus library refundable deposit of Rs. 5,000 
"If offered admission to the PGDM program, a student will be given a deadline by which he/she should secure his/her seat by paying the first installment of the program fees. The first installment amount is INR 1,05,000/-. "

The Demand Draft/ Pay Order for the fees should be in favor of "RS-DSIMS", payable at Mumbai.

This first installment is generally due four weeks after having received the admission offer.
The payment of balance fee of Rs, 2,90,000 should be made with post dated cheque (dated July 01, 2017).
Students who wish to secure a loan will have to start the loan process well in advance to meet these deadlines. The necessary letter for bank loan shall be issued by the Office on demand.

Refund of Fees:
The refund of fees as applicable shall be made in due course. It is made clear that such application for cancellation will be considered only if the admission is confirmed by paying the prescribed tuition fee and other fees in full and by submitting the original documents. Refund shall be made after deduction of cancellation charges as shown below:

Sr. No. Situation Refund
1 Cancellation Request Received before the starting of the course Full fees after deducing processing fee of Rs. 1,000/-.
2 Cancellation Request received after a student joining and if the vacated seat is consequently filled by another students by he last date of admission Full fees after deducting processing fee of Rs. 1,000.00 and proportionate monthly fee.
3 In the case vacated seat is not filled in Only security deposit is refundable
4 Cancellation request received after cut off date for admission Only security deposit is refundable
Term Wise Course Structure
The list of courses / exercises conducted in various trimesters is given in the following sections.

First Year-Trimester I
Subject Code Subjects Subject Category Credit Hours Marks
PGDM-101 Fundamental of Management Core 1 30 100
PGDM-102 Business Economics Core 1 30 100
PGDM-103 IT in Business Core 1 30 100
PGDM-104 Financial Accounting and Reporting Core 1 30 100
PGDM-105 OB I-Introduction to Behavioural Sciences Core 1 30 100
PGDM-106 Marketing & Sales I Core 1 30 100
PGDM-107 Business Statistics Core 1 30 100
PGDM-108 Business Communication-I Core 0.5 15 50
First Year-Trimester II
Subject Code Subjects Subject Category Credit Hours Marks
PGDM-201 Macro Economics Core 1 30 100
PGDM-202 Cost & Management Accounting Core 1 30 100
PGDM-203 Corporate Taxation and Planning Core 1 30 100
PGDM-204 OB-II Core 1 30 100
PGDM-205 Marketing & Sales II Core 1 30 100
PGDM-206 Operations Research Core 1 30 100
PGDM-207 Operations Management Core 1 30 100
PGDM-208 Business Communication-II Core 0.5 15 50
First Year-Trimester III
# Subjects Marks
3.1 Human Resources Management 100
3.2 Applications in Marketing 100
3.3 Financial Management 100
3.4 Decision Science 100
3.5 Corporate Strategy 100
3.6 Corporate Law 100
3.7 Geo Politics 100
First Year-Trimester III
Subject Code Subjects Marks
PGDM-301 Research Methodology 100
PGDM-302 Corporate Law 100
PGDM-303 Corporate Finance I 100
PGDM-304 Human Resources Management 100
PGDM-305-FN Analysis of Financial Statements &Valuation 100
PGDM-305-HR Training and Development 100
PGDM-305-MK Retail Management 100
PGDM-305-OP Transportation and Warehousing 100
PGDM-306-FN Financial Markets and Institutions 100
PGDM-306-HR Compensation and Benefits 100
PGDM-306-MK Sales Management 100
PGDM-306-OP Materials Management 100
PGDM-307-FN Banking, Finance & Insurance 100
PGDM-307-HR Human Resource Policy, Practicesand Audit 100
PGDM-307-MK Consumer Behaviour 100
PGDM-307-OP Operations Planning & Control 100
PGDM-308-CO International Immersion 100
Second Year-Trimester IV
Subject Code Subjects Marks
PGDM-401-CO Scenario Analysis & Decision Making 100
PGDM-402-CO Project Management 100
PGDM-403-CO Busines-The digital way 100
PGDM-404-CO Entrepreneurship OR Family Managed Business 50
PGDM-405-CO SIP 100
Finance Spcialization
Subject Code Subjects Marks
PGDM-401-FN Corporate Finance-II 100
PGDM-402-FN Credit Markets (Fixed Income) 100
PGDM-403-FN Financial Regulation and Compliance 50
PGDM-404-FN Market Microstructure 50
PGDM-405-FN Financial Econometrics 100
HR Spcialization
Subject Code Subjects Marks
PGDM-401-HR Organisation Structure and Design 100
PGDM-402-HR Performance Management System 100
PGDM-403-HR Talent Management 100
PGDM-404-HR Labour Legislation 100
Marketing Spcialization
Subject Code Subjects Marks
PGDM-401-MK Customer Relationship Management 100
PGDM-402-MK Product & Brand Management 100
PGDM-403-MK Integrated Marketing Communication 100
PGDM-404-MK Digital Marketing 100
Operations Spcialization
Subject Code Subjects Marks
PGDM-401-OP Technology Management and Manufacturing Strategy 100
PGDM-402-OP Operations Strategy 100
PGDM-403-OP ERP 100
PGDM-404-OP Business Process Reengineering 100
Second Year - Trimester V
Subject Code Subjects Marks
PGDM-501-CO Business Analytics 100
PGDM-502-CO CSR & Environment Management 100
PGDM-503-CO Corporate Strategy 100
PGDM-504-CO Entrepreneurship OR Family Managed Business 50
PGDM-505-CO Rural Immersion 100
Finance Spcialization
Subject Code Subjects Marks
PGDM-501-FN Derivatives and Risk Management 100
PGDM-502-FN International Finance and Securities Operations 100
PGDM-503-FN Multi Asset Portfolio Management 100
PGDM-504-FN Alternate Asset Classes 50
PGDM-505-FN Strategic Finance ( M & A) 50
HR Spcialization
Subject Code Subjects Marks
PGDM-501-HR IR and Labour Welfare 100
PGDM-502-HR Competency Based Assessment & Psychometric Testing 100
PGDM-503-HR Personal Effectiveness & Developing Interpersonal Skills 100
PGDM-504-HR Organizational Development and Change Management 50
Marketing Spcialization
Subject Code Subjects Marks
PGDM-501-MK Logistics Management 100
PGDM-502-MK Marketing & Sales - Services 100
PGDM-503-MK Rural Marketing 100
PGDM-504-MK International Marketing 50
PGDM-505-MK Media Planning & Analytics 50
Operations Spcialization
Subject Code Subjects Marks
PGDM-501-OP Logistics and SCM 100
PGDM-502-OP Total Quality Management 100
PGDM-503-OP e-Commerce and IT for SCM 100
PGDM-504-OP Infrastructure and facility Management 100
Second Year - Trimester VI
Subject Code Subjects Marks
PGDM-601-CO Business Ethics & Corporate Governance 100
PGDM-602-CO Geo Politics 100
PGDM-603-CO Capstone 100
Finance Spcialization
Subject Code Subjects Marks
PGDM-601-FN Behavioral Finance 100
PGDM-602-FN Applications of Portfolio Analysis 100
PGDM-603-FN Financial Information Systems and Modeling 50
PGDM-604-FN SME & Microfinance 50
PGDM-605-FN Equity Research 100
HR Spcialization
Subject Code Subjects Marks
PGDM-601-HR Leadership Excellence & High Performance Teams and 100
PGDM-602-HR Global HRM 100
PGDM-603-HR Building Learning Organization and Knowledge Management 100
PGDM-604-HR Emloyee Engagement 100
Marketing Spcialization
Subject Code Subjects Marks
PGDM-601-MK Strategic Marketing Problems 100
PGDM-602-MK Business Marketing 100
PGDM-603-MK Public Relations & Corporate Communication 100
PGDM-604-MK Marketing Models 100
Operations Spcialization
Subject Code Subjects Marks
PGDM-601-OP Business Forecasting and Demand Planning 100
PGDM-602-OP World Class Operations 100
PGDM-603-OP Risk Management and Lean Six Sigma 100
PGDM-604-OP Sustainability and Green Supply Chains 100
The above subjects can be changed by the academic council as and when it is deemed necessary.
DSIMS has adopted a blended pedagogy, where we integrate class room learning with some of the best practices in management education.
The teaching methodology comprises of lectures, case studies, projects, assignments and presentations coupled with Guest Lectures, Field Trips and live projects.
Students are expected to spend considerable time for self study and come prepared for classes.
Academic Calendar July 2016- June 2017

Trimesters Batch 2016-17 Batch 2015-17
Module/Event Trim I Trim II Trim III Trim IV Trim V Trim VI
Inauguration N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
Special Engagement Program 18-Jul-2016 to 02-Aug-2016 N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
Orientation/Boot Camp 03-Aug-2016 to 06-Aug-2016 N/A N/A 07-Jul-2016 to 09-Jul-2016 N/A N/A
Commencement of Regular Classes 08-Aug-2016 to 18-Oct-2016 02-Nov-2016 to 30-Jan-2017 10-Feb-2017 to 18-Apr-2017 11-Jul-2016 to 28-Sep-2016 13-Oct-2016 to 10-Jan-2017 23-Jan-2017 to 20-Mar-2017
Ganpati Break for students 06-Sep-2016 to 12-Sep-2016
Diwali Holidays 30-Oct-2016 to 01-Nov-2016
Term-End Exam 20-Oct-2016 to 28-Oct-2016 01-Feb-2017 to 09-Feb-2017 20-Apr-2017 to 28-Apr-2017 01-Oct-2016 to 10-Oct-2016 12-Jan-2017 to 21-Jan-2017 23-Mar-2017 to 31-Mar-2017
Declaration of Result 14-Dec-2016 27-Mar-2017 14-Jun-2017 26-Nov-2016 06-Mar-2017 07-May-2017
Trimester Break 30-Oct-2016 to 01-Nov-2016 N/A SIP 11-Oct-2016 to 12-Oct-2016 N/A N/A
Winter Vacation 25-Dec-2016 to 01-Jan-2017
SIP 01-May-2017 to 30-Jun-2017
Foundation Day 2016 12-Aug-2016 Versus 2017 06-Jan-2017 & 07-Jan-2017 SIP Competition 2016 16-Aug-2016
Sabrang 2017 28-Jan-2017 Rural Immersion 2016(II Year) 07-Nov-2016 to 12-Nov-2016 International Conference 2017 11-Feb-2017
Joint Conclaves 2016 03-Dec-2016 to 04-Dec-2016 International Immersion 2017(I Year) 05-Mar-2017 to 12-Mar-2017 22 Yards (completely student led event) 25-Dec-2016 to 01-Jan-2017
Convocation 2017 13-May-2017

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