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Industry Immersion
In January 2012, Nitin Nohira, Dean of Harvard Business School unveiled what he terms as “the biggest curriculum change in nearly 90 years” at HBS – the Field Immersion Experiences for Leadership Development program.

At DSIMS we call it Industry Immersion – an initiative where students engage in an 18 month long practice oriented activity that will help them understand the nuances of managerial decision making in real life situation.

Thursdays at DSIMS is Industry Immersion day. Every Thursday, students at DSIMS complement their classroom learning with our signature program – The Industry Immersion. The industry immersion program is an effort to provide students, during their formative sessions, the experience of working with an industry of their choice.

The key element of the program is a project undertaken by the students, dealing with some of real issues and problems within their chosen industry. The students are guided by a senior Industry Coach and a Faculty Mentor. The Industry Coach is a person from the industry who is neutral, experienced and competent in the industry, and understands the important trends and developments.

The Industry Coach provides insights into the ways of the industry that are seldom captured in articles and books - going beyond the numbers, and prepare students to be successful in their careers.

Students engage with the corporate world and work closely with their Industry Coach to complete their project. On their return to the campus, students share their learning with their cohorts. The program helps bring in the experiences of the students into the on-campus learning sessions.

Every Friday, on return from their industry visit, the students discuss their experiences of the day before with the faculty guide – this gives them an opportunity to fine tune their strategy and discover how the best laid plans can fail in the face of corporate constraints.

Students are required to work in an industry as a part of the industry immersion. The industry immersion starts from the second trimester and continues till the sixth trimester. By the end of the first trimester, students have to identify their focus area and co-ordinate with the placement cell for a suitable industry immersion offer. For the Industry Immersion students are allotted a faculty mentor. In addition, they have to work with an industry coach.

This gives students an opportunity to explore corporate work environment from within. This exposure helps students to relate the theoretical concepts with practical aspects, which helps in bridging the skill gap.

Students get a hands-on experience of the culture and values practiced by corporate world. They witness how companies take care of their employees and processes to achieve company’s objectives.

This intervention gives students an opportunity to interact with industry personnel and to derive valuable learning inputs from the interaction. With the help of this opportunity students understand the expectation corporate has from them and they are better grounded for their summer internships projects.
    A sampler of the Industry Immersion theme by our students:
  • STCI PD – An exploration of the Interest Rate Futures Market in India
  • YES Bank – Mapping Operational Risk in Treasury Operations
  • DIESEL – Employee Suggestion, Rewards and Recognition
  • Reliance Capital – Transaction Cost Analysis in the Indian Equity Market
  • Polyset Plastics Pvt. Ltd – Research on Consumer Buying Behavior
  • CCIL – Developing a Swap Curve as an alternative to yield curve in India
  • NCDEX – The impact of allowing banks into the Commodities Market in India
  • FEDAI – The use of FX derivatives in hedging FX exposure

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