Rules & Regulations

it’s a golden chance for the students to go all out and make socially impactful short films that can provoke the society at large to introspect, to think and to transform the community for the betterment of the humanity.

The Films must be short, live action & fiction/ non fiction. Suggested topics for the public service films (but not limited to) can be: Dowry, Blood Donation, Eye donation, Environment, Save the girl child, Women empowerment, Life insurance, Prohibition, Organ donation, Girl child education, Education for all, Senior citizens, Media literacy, Film piracy, Save oil, Depression, Road safety, No smoking, Body shaming, Animal abuse, Child labor, e-Waste management, Ragging, Cleanliness & Sanitation, Drug abuse, Physically challenged, Marital rape, Poverty eradication, Save water, Tourism, Communal harmony etc.

Films must not be less than 3 minutes (180 Sec) and no more than 5 minutes (300Sec) in length.
Yet to announce.
In order to submit your film, the applicant must be a registered student of any college in India.
Minimum age to participate in the short film festival is 16 years & Maximum age is 24 years

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